Stay Sane During Covid-19

Salam and greetings to all

During this covid-19, nothing much great happened to me. I try my best to stay sane right now. So do you. We all need to.

  • Pamper yourself with things you love. Whatever it is, watching K-dramas, anime, writing any poem that pop up in your head, and so on, you know what you love, then do it. As for me, I loves face mask, especially clay mask. So two or three times per week I’ll make sure to use them to satisfy myself during this covid-19. Reading books is also good.
  • Put a limit on your News intake. I know how important news during this covid-19. You wanna know about anything related to the virus, but there’s something you need to know. LIMIT. LESS IS MORE. I know this sounds weird, but knowing too much may be not good for our mental health. Sure it’s important to KNOW but right now, you’re already know what to do and there’s is no need to keep updated with numbers. Knowing that much with drive you NUTS.
  • Keep a routine. Some will start a new routine while some will stick to the old routine. For me, this is the only thing just what has been keeping me sane so far. Clean up the house is really suits me fine.
  • Stay in contact with people. Your family, friends and anyone else you know. Just don’t isolate yourself completely. Talk anything except for covid-19 that will keep you and your family or friends sane.
  • Art is there, whatever happened. Follow any art-related or creative accounts on social media to distract yourself from any related to the virus. Give yourself a break. Read any quotes can be good too.

That’s it.


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