Sugu Pavithra Shows a Good Family Bonding Through Her YouTube Channel

Pavithra, or known as Sugu Pavithra a cooking Youtuber who started gaining popularity when someone tweeted about her cooking channel while I’m scrolling down Twitter. Thanks to Twitter users who kept tweeting about her, she gained a lot of subscribers although she just joined this early year but already gained almost 600K subscribers and guess what? She only use smartphone to record those videos. I am one of those people who proudly subscribe to her channel, thus I’m not spend so much time in the kitchen. I wish she could get a million subscribers 🤗. Or more. 

Sugu Pavithra

I noticed something that’s keeping me feeling uncomfortable about anybody who kept mentioning how nice she uses the Malay language in her videos. Some people like it and some not. As for me, I don’t care about what language she used while recording those cooking videos as long as there’s subtitles. I don’t know what so hype about what language she used while explaining to us how to cook this or that. Whether she explained in English, or Tamil or Malay or Mandarin, or whatever it is, it is not a big deal actually. Sometimes I think whoever ‘s hype about an Indian or Chinese who talk in Malay, do you don’t know or meet any of them in person and talk with them in Malay language before? I know some people can’t speak in Malay, some can’t speak in Tamil and Mandarin but please don’t be silly. They can learn, everybody can learn any language they want to. Anybody can speak any language they want to. 

What I like about her is how soft-spoken and humble she is in her videos. If you watch her cooking videos, there’s nothing fancy or expensive about her cooking tools or how big her kitchen is. She only uses what normal people like us use. Before this, I admit, I thought we needed to have an expensive camera, a big kitchen and of course an expensive cooking tool to impress others who watch the cooking videos. But not anymore. Pavithra shows me what important is not the expensive things or how unique your recipes are but the bonding you create using recipes with your family and the audience. I subscribed to some cooking channels but none of them show to me and to the audience their moments eating what they’re made with their families or friends. 

Below are some of the videos from her YouTube channel :

Kari Ayam Pencen Paling Sedap

Sambal Udang

Nasi Ayam Indian Style

Tosei & Kuah Kelapa

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