Life Lately – A Letter To My 15-Year-Old Self

Maybe some of you may think that this is kind of old school blog post, but I have my own reason to write this old-school post. Happy reading and be amazing.

A Letter To My 15-Year-Old Self

Hello my dear third-year high school self. How are you? I’m writing this letter ten years in your future. Why am I writing to you when you’re in high school? Turn a great playlist on a good, grab a cup of coffee and keep reading.

So, with this letter, I would like to tell you that you don’t need to worry much about future. Your future, of course amazing enough to live with. I know you’re think a lot about future. Can you further your studies, what’s kind of job you’ll get, with whom you will and when you’ll get married and have cheeky little kid, and so much much much more. But for now, just enjoy and take your time being a teenager and experience this time. Time will fly by and never return back. There’s no such thing like a time machine in Doraemon animation to bring you back to the past, so again, enjoy and experience everything in between.

Just want you know that you’re someone with a title addicted to coffee. I know that you know that you’re addicted to coffee. Listen up girl, addicted to coffee is more better than addicted to social media, misdemeanour, attracted to the silly boys that not serious about relationships. All them only want to hurt you. If you still feel bad, at least you’re drinking what you want to, not what others want. Got it?

Urmm… Now let’s talk about our skin before I run out of idea. I know how bad you can’t wait to see those acne and scars go away but I’m sorry for making you feel dreadful. One of your dreams didn’t comes true but I still love your efforts to make sure your skin being better than before. Something is better than nothing, babe. Don’t worry about it, it’s just minor problem. Your teeth too. No matter how much you told yourself ‘I’ll wears braces, sooner or later’, you’re not, cause your teeth condition is not that bad c: .

YOU ARE NOT UGLY. Never ever let people tell you how ugly you are because you are not. Every woman should be able to tell themselves how beautiful they are, not others. They should know that beauty comes from inside. As long as you do virtuous and outstanding, that means you’re beautiful. Not forget being someone with beauty with the brain.

Hugs and kisses, your grown up self.

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Mija’s Pick : What Are The Most Beauty Blogs That I Reads?

I know everyone has their own favorite idols, singers, writers, Instagrammers, football players and so on. So do us, bloggers. If you are not even a blogger, you’re still have your own favorite bloggers, we, as a blogger also spend our free time to read any new articles from our favorite blogs too.

Although I’m trying hard to consistently update my blog as much as I can while struggling with writer’s block but then I realized that I seems to have overlooked something important. I felt my blog didn’t have enough content about my favourite products, books or anything in between. I’ve created this new segment, call it ‘Mija’s Pick’ to reprovision for this.

As March 2019 already here, concertedly, I want to share with you my favorite beauty blogs as a starting of the segment.

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Lenne Zulkiflly

First of all, I really love this girl. She really knows how to make me stay on her blog reading all of the makeup review (and also skincare review) because you know, how much I suck when it comes to makeup thingies. So, her blog is my lifesaver ❤.

Imam Abdul Rahim

Next *clear throat* I think, no, I SHOULD call her beauty guru because of her blog with a great content she wrote on her blog I know what it is AHA, BHA and all vitamin in the skincare. All those things I have zero knowledge of it. Not forget to mention, she ALWAYS share tips and tricks about skincare and also her skincare routine.

Sabrina Tajudin

Let’s me be honest, I like this blog content and if I was a teacher and need to give it a mark of the blog design, I’m sure will give it A+++. But now let’s focus on the blog content.

Sabrina really an inspiring person. She has her own brand called Breena Beauty but at same time she’s be able to manage her blog, sharing her reviews and whatnot with her readers.

Eventually, just in case anyone is thinking why I follow and read those blogs although most of them are writing about same category, beauty. Why I’m not read only one or two blogs? Why I need to read more than two blogs about beauty?

First, because for me myself, beauty is awesomeness of subject to read and explore cause it worth it. Plus with my love into reading and to increase my knowledge about skincare, I know I need to read more than enough.

Second, keep in your mind that not all of people passionate about beauty industry. Simply, some of them have a little bit or zero knowledge about it (just like me before) so, we need help from them, beauty bloggers, who have tons of knowledge about hair, makeup, skincare or whatnot.

So, whoever is curious about skincare or need to read a review, as a referral about any products before buy it. Just to get clear whether ‘this one suit on me or not’, I hope this post help you. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@mijablur) !

Who are your favorite beauty bloggers? Mind sharing with me :-> ?