Hyouka Kedua: Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai

Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba? Do I mentioned before that I read the second installment of Kotenbu Series a.k.a Classic Literature Club Series before the first one? Hyouka Kedua: Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai Kedua: Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba?, when I writing the review right now, I’m just buying the sixth installment and will read it soon. …

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Life Lately – The Miracle Of Being An Aunt

If you’re enthusiastic about being an aunt / uncle, and cannot wait to see your nieces and nephews after work, or when you see a little cute dress you’ll grab it without wasting any time and joyfully give it to your niece and show her your big smile when she wears it and started said …

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