Tun Mahathir, Malaysian Prime Minister and Bata Shoes

Tun Mahathir, Malaysian Prime Minister and Bata Shoes

A moment ago, I’m scrolling down my Facebook and my eyes spot about Tun Dato’ Sri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his Bata slippers. As you know, Bata is one of the shoes retail store in Malaysia and the best brand ever that show a great quantity through their footwear design.

Tun Mahathir, Malaysian Prime Minister and Bata Shoes
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My Umi is one of the Bata regular customer and I can’t remember how many times she told me about Bata goodness for herself  and the cosy and pleasant while wearing the shoes for walking around. Instead of another brands that sold highest price and beautiful design but lacking in quantity, the frustration is almost unbearable. While spending money on something you’d like to buy, please take care of the quantity, sure you don’t want to be a spendthrift and hurt yourself, do you?
As for me, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, our latest Prime Minister shows that how much he’s care about himself and his folks despite of spending the money on useless things, he’s rather buy anything that people like us be able to get. He’s showing us the good side of his, and set a good example for his people. Not also him, we’re also need to be like him. As I said ‘be like him’,  it doesn’t mean you have to get those Dr., or Prime Minister title, but be kind, enlightened, knowledgeable, well-mannered also grateful.

9 thoughts on “Tun Mahathir, Malaysian Prime Minister and Bata Shoes

  1. Agreed!
    I saw on twitter this morning, someone tweet regarding this, where he could say that Tun M actually "pretends" to be humble and etc and guess what he even came up with photos showing Tun M's kids and grandkids are wearing much much pricey and branded items. I was like what is your point dude?? We are talking bout the only one Tun M, not his keturunan or what…
    Sorry for long comments I was so annoyed about the tweets earlier – geram betul (-_-)

  2. I love Bata shoes and feel awesome it's one way I could relate to him. I bought Bata when I was still studying because it's cheap and still continue using Bata even after I started to work and have more money to buy pricey shoes.

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