Tunas Review

Today I’ll be reviewing Tunas by Hlovate. If any of who didn’t know, Tunas is Hlovate’s third book. Keep reading.

Tunas by Hlovate

Published : 2008 by Jemari Seni Publishing
Edition language : Malay
ISBN : 9789675118067
Pages : 539
Source: Purchased



“Akak nak bunga apa? Sebut aje.”
Lee pula yang menyambung.
“Bunga ros? Bunga matahari? Bunga carnation? Bunga lili? Bunga raya?”
Dia membilang dengan jari tangan.
“Bunga bakawali? Bunga teratai? Bunga orkid? Bunga plastik? Bunga lawang? Bunga cengkih?”
Budak bertujuh itu memandang Addin tak berkelip.
“Tulip ada?”
“Kenapa mesti akak mintak the only flower yang kita orang tak ada?”
A-Cid berpaling ke belakang.
“Benz, one red rose, full-bloom, with baby’s breath in a bouquet, please. Wrap with white organza.”
Dia memetik jari.
“Pink ribbon.”
Benz memandang A-Cid dengan muka yang tak boleh dibaca.
“The I-Love-You ensemble?” Keningnya terangkat sebelah.
Addin jatuh rahang bawah. The-what???
“A-Cid! Akak memang tak main la benda-benda macam tu….”
“I’m Panah Arjuna. I spread the love.” Selamba dia menuturkan dengan muka toya.
Masihkah anda ingat pada Benz dan Addin, dalam novel aA+bB?
Kini HLOVATE, mengundur beberapa tahun ke belakang, untuk menyingkap sebahagian persoalan, sebahagian rasa dan sebahagian kisah, tentang Addin & Benz serta Magnificent 7 suatu waktu dulu.

What I Like

  • It feels like you were experiencing the private boarding school life alongside the characters. The descriptions in this book are so laid-back, elaborate and rich. Throughout the book, I found myself wishing that I could re-start my school-life at Kolej Tunas, and see the wonders for myself. Tunas is a delight for your senses.
  • Addin is so-not-your typical girl who whines about her love story or miserable life. If you expect a heroine with a bad behavior and only think about herself, sorry to say but this book is not for you.
  • This book divided into three parts, which means I can understand better about Addin and her friends’s lifestyle as a student who needs to deal with teachers and annoyed students’s ill-manered, crush-thingy, anythings thats related to boarding school life including SPM.
  • My favorite part, obviously Magnificent 7. According to the name of the group itself, Magnificents 7 or for the short, Mags 7. Lee, Air-Jee, K-Oi, Juki, Eddy, Im, and A-Cid. They are such a badass group themselves, like the name, magnificent. Each of them had their own talent whether in any tricks, subjects, girls and whatnot. I mean a perfect group that’s complete with each other.
  • I love Benz Alif but not as much as I love Juki. Benz such a cold-hearted character while Juki cooler than him.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The writing is a bit over the top but Addin and Benz still gives me the bittersweet feeling.

Favorite Quotes

  • Selagi hidup bersama masa, maka selagi itu juga yang hidup itu dewasa bersama usia.
  • Don’t trouble the trouble if you don’t want the trouble to trouble you.
  • Tak jadi kalau hanya setakat pencapaian akademik tu berabuk tapi hubungan dengan Allah tu pun tadak.
  • Hard times come easy. Indeed
  • I hate Addmath. Where’s the fire?
  • Mistake are inevitable and it’s that, that makes life invaluable

Final Thought

I’m not overweening when I said if you want to be young again, just read Tunas.

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