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Peace be upon you and hello, hello lovely readers.
I currently sitting while writing this post, ensconced in the corner of the sofa with a giant mug of tea . Last Wednesday, I was going to the hospital, need to take my medicine and also about my blood test results, I took the test on 31 July by the way and I don’t have any idea and question about it. Guys, if your doctor told you to make a blood test, ask them why.
My brother sent me there, Klinik Kesihatan Pengkalan Chepa, and he didn’t wait for me. Because I told him I will call him when I’m done. At the moment I get off from the motorbike, my eyes were  painful,  and my head feels dizzy. Took a little while for me to get to the doctor, but don’t worry, I can tolerance with it because of the babies  and the kids in the hospital help me to threw away my boredom and fear (You read it right, I live in fear of the doctors and nurses).

If you ask me why I don’t use my phone to kill the time, I don’t feel like it, I I don’t feel like my time will burn out by scrolling down the Twitter or play Candy Crush. When it my turn to see the doctor, I went to the room which is there’s a cute doctor in there. I felt better after when she don’t mind me late for the appointment cause I supposed to be there on 27th but due to the unavoidable things, 29th is only my chance.
She asked me about my epilepsy condition, whether I have any seizure in a month, before this appointment, do I took my medicine as directed by the doctor, and so on. I answered her questions as well as I can then she open up a topic about my body temperature and blood test. I told her I’m good, forgot to tell her about my painful eyes and headache because I excited about my blood test result.


Now let’s talk about the blood test result. The doctor told me that due to the blood test, I have a hyperthyroidism. Or the other name is overactive thyroid, a condition in which your thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. And my ‘hyperthyroidism’ level is quite high or in other word, abnormal; 50. She asked me if any of my relatives have hyperthyroidism, I answered I don’t have any idea. And I continue there’s no one in my family has this hyperthyroidism as I know lah. And she told me the hyperthyroidism symptoms, how to handle with it, what I could do, bla bla bla.

Mix feelings

It is quite shocking new and I feel sad and angry at the same time, first because I already have epilepsy and now thyroid which is mean I have to get an another medicine.

People might say if I eat a lot of food but my body weight is still consistent, I might be lucky enough, there’s no luck because one of the symptom of hyperthyroidism is weight loss, no matter how much I eat, there’s no change in my body. I also got it why everytime I tried to take a picture or flatlay for my blog, my hand is always shaking that is make the photos looks horrible.

Nervousness and irregular and rapid heart beat also hyperthyroidism symptoms, that’s made I think ‘no wonder’ because I always felt nervous and over thinking about simple things.

I wish I could be free from this disease and have a great life with the family. If any of you have hyperthyroidism, I bet you know how I feel. If any of you who have this hyperthyroidism and have any tips on how to handle it, please let me know by leaving a comment below ⬇

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