Want To Be An Amazing Blogger? Here’s How

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Last time, when I was nineteen, I was still a crybaby who studying in Pahang . When there’s was a group assignment, for sure we’ll have to pull together to complete the assignment and that’s time we were doing that group assignment in one of the member’s room then after we were done with the assignment, time to take a break and suddenly, Dayah (one of my friend aka my classmate and my group members) said something about blog and another girl joined Dayah’s conversation about blog.

That’s my first time I’ve heard about blog. And on 2016, I’m starting my career as a part time blogger.

Some of people will describe the bloggers means to open their blog, update it and just hit publish button, simple. But it’s not like that. Being a blogger is not as easy as it looks. Blogger holding a huge responsibility for the society by spreading the essential contents to others with the different classification of information. It’s already been two years and I’m still trying hard enough to be a good blogger and write a honest posts on this blog.  Without wasting any time, here we go,


  1. Blogwalking | Sure if you want another bloggers notice your blog in blogging world, you have to make them know about you and your blog by reading and leaving a comment on their blog posts, give a brief comment regarding the topic about. Don’t forget to leave your blog link or your blog new entry link under your comments to make them know you. Make a blogwalking schedule, what’s day and time to blogwalking but make sure your blogwalking schedule doesn’t overlap with the day you’re supposed to update your blog post. 
  2. Update Your Blog Frequently | Keep your blog update by brainstorming for new ideas and thoughts so people will be fascinating to read any of your new entries. I’d keep subscribe any blogs and will get excited to read their new posts and find any free time to chill by read their posts. Update your blog by posting 3-5 entries per week or once or twice entries per day will be good, people will sticking around to read your entries and at the same time you can tweak your blog traffic but my recommendation for you and your blog be more better and less stressful is  you have to come with a 1-3 posts per week to prevent people from getting bored to read your blog, and at the same time you’re not going to happen to get headache because of you have to  think about what I’m gonna to update tomorrow and other day too much. 1-2 or 1-3 entries per week also can make you feel better because you got your time to make a research, find out more about the topic, write it down with a cup of coffee. 
  3. Say Yes To Old Post | Yup, nothing wrong by clicking on the old posts on the blog, just read the posts and leave your comment. In fact, you make them feel better with their own old posts. You too, always welcome to re-update your old posts to make it look good from before. Add any new ideas and information that relates to the topics.
  4. Give A Reply To Your Reader’s Comment | Say you put some of great post on your blog then get a ton of comments about the post, please give them an appreciation by reply the comments. Sound plain and simple but effective to make people loves you even more. 
  5. Photos | Use a good quality photos for your blog can increase your blog traffic. People love to read some posts with a great photos, tried to beguile your readers with the gif. Our eyes can be really tired by reading a long post on the blog, so some pictures can relieve the tired eyes. You can get a free plus high quality photos from Pexels and Unsplash 
  6. Pay Attention to Yours Font and Blog Design | People say don’t judge a book by its cover. Of course you can apply it in blogging world too. If you make a great content, people giving a lot of attention to your posts instead of your blog design. But have cool design not bad at all, your readers must be thinking about you and how much you love your blog, that why you don’t mind to spending time and money on your blog.
  7. Stick To The Topic | If you’re trying to update about your work schedule, just tell them about your schedule and please don’t add something like “Ohh I’m frustrated with my family and friends, they’re not even remember my birthday” and anything that looks like nothing related to the topic. You’ll make your readers turn off.
  8. Polite, Decent and Smooth | Who’s loves read the posts and comments with the harsh and brassy word? Nobody likes it. Me, as myself, also like to impress my readers with mellow language, I bet you too. 
  9. Appreciate Your Readers | Organize segments or giveaways to show how much you love your true readers. 

So, if you have any ideas to be an amazing blogger, please leave a comment below. 

    20 thoughts on “Want To Be An Amazing Blogger? Here’s How

    1. I love numbers 5 and 7! I need to work on making my photos better! I like your blog design, it is very clean, and I like the font. These are all things I need to work on. Thank you for the post!

    2. Totally agree with all the points!

      But point no 1 tu macam tedious sikit. Most of the times I did not get any visit back even after leaving comments on the blogposts. So, macam dah redha je. Hahaha. I'll stick to whoever yang sudi baca plog picisan saya je 🙂

    3. setuju dengan semua point tapi memang tak sempat nak reply semua komen sebab masa singkat nak blogwalking lagi, nak update blog lagi. Anyway terima kasih sangat selalu singgah drop komen. Baca tapi tak sempat reply, sorry tau 🙂

    4. Love this entry! Since now I have created a new blog with new identity, I really need to do blogwalking a lot. How I wish I can lose some weight just by blogwalking haha

    5. No 2 tu memang kena try hard laa kiranya.. Hurmm bila dah habis perah segala idea untuk masukkan dalam next post, make sure buat hujung minggu kira kita punya free time lah, then auni buat schedule post jadi takde lah penat sangat, hari-hari lain boleh reply komen readers, blogwalking even nak re-update entri-entri lama pun boleh.. Hehe

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