Wednesday Wishlist: It’s Haircare Products

Posted on Aug 9, 2023 in Beauty, Hair

Peace be upon you, and hello folks! Welcome back to my Blur blog. I hope you guys had the best day. Today, I gathered the courage to write a post about what’s in my Shopee cart.

This is not a random post or a push to make you check out all of those things in your cart, but rather a way of sharing some items that you might love to try, just as much as I want to. In this post, there will be a list of products for the scalp and hair.

For Scalp:-

Shampoo Bar:

Simply Simone Fenugreek Shampoo Bar.

Lave Republic Curly Sue Sulfate-Free Shampoo Bar

Crystal Rocks Shampoo Bar .

Because I’ve grown tired of purchasing and using liquid shampoo from the drugstore, maybe I should start trying shampoo bars instead. There are a few brands that I have been eyeing for their shampoo bars, and many customers have left positive reviews for their products. So perhaps I should buy one as well.

Scalp Spray:

Kam’s Natural Anti Hair Fall Scalp Spray

Well, I’ve never heard about scalp spray, but when it comes to anti hair fall, I know I need to give it a try.

Hair Tonic:

Kam’s Natural Anti Hair Fall Tonic

Hair tonic is a must in hair care routine so you won’t have a itchy scalp, dandruff or even hair fall problem. But remember, if the hair tonic is not suitable to you, please change to another brand.

For Hair:-

Hair Butter:

Simply Simone Fenugreek Hair Butter

Why hair butter? Because I need a product that will make my hair less frizzy and manageable.

Conditioner :

Mustika Ratu Pelembut Rambut Bilasan Santan Hair Conditioner

Lave Republic Splendour Smooth Conditioner Bar for Dry & Damaged Hair.

Conditioner is a MUST-HAVE in my hair care routine. I just can’t skip conditioner. Wanna know why? Last time I skipped it, my hair looked like, “urghh,” the worst… like reallyyy the worst. My Umi also commented on it and she said something like, “Your hair makes you look like sundalbolong” (plus point for my dark circles), and then she laughed.

Hair Mask:

Mustika Ratu Masker Cem-Ceman for Hair Growth & Reduce Dandruff

La Flor Volume Hair Mask

Thats all for now. What’s your wishlist or something you would check out from Shopee cart? Mind sharing with me?


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