Everything You Need To Know About Being A Babysitter

Proudly say that I am a babysitter. A twenty-three babysitter (it’s just April, I’ll officially turn twenty-four this June btw). I’m getting older day by day. Sigh. So do my kids.

What you need to know about this job actually is, you’re like a mother to the babies, more like ‘part time mother’. I named it as a ‘part time mother’ because you’re still have to make them milk (not your milk), put them to sleep, bathe them and also playing with them. I started this super awesome career when I was 19 or maybe 20, at home. If you asked me why I’m not working at any child-care center instead of home since I love kids, I’ll tell you why.

Sure you can work at any child-care center, but the atmosphere will be different than home. I’m not so sure with my ability. Of course I can take care two babies right now, but you need to know that when you started it at the home then you’re trying to take a challenge for yourself by taking a next step to the child-care center, I don’t know whether you can make it work for yourself. At the child-care center, maybe there’s more than two babies, maybe more than four, who’s knows and I’m still not sure with myself yet. Everything is easier said than done, “Oh..just a babies, you’ll get used with it, don’t worry”. To the people who said it, have you thought about it? Have you thought about babies abused lately?







Damia + her Mama


Okay back to the topic. My first experience started with Amni at 2012 to 2014 then Hayyan at 2014 to 2016 and Aisy and Damia(present) and both of them are 2 years old. 
Being a babysitter means you have to sitting in front of the television and accompanied them both, watching Didi & Friends, Upin Ipin, Robocar Poli every single day, and you won’t even mind. Being a babysitter means you have to make them milk fast no matter how clumsy you are. Being a babysitter means you’ll looks at them when they’re dancing and then you’ll to. Being a babysitter means you know you have to share your food with them too as long as all the food wasn’t a spicy ones, they’ll be fine. Sharing is caring, right? Being a babysitter means your throat would become sore from continuously forbid they from doing something dangerous for themselves like climbing up on the table, running around and else. Being a babysitter means your eyes will always focused on them and keep worrying about them. Being a babysitter means you’re always salam, kiss their cheeks and hi five before they’re going home.


So far so good with babies, also with their parents. Alhamdulillah, I’ve no problem at all to handle the babies and their parents also not a fussy ones which is makes my job going to be  pleasured and easier. Parents play a huge role also for the babysitter, not only the babies. If they’re is not kind of drama types and not get angry and unsatisfied without any extreme reason, I’ll be fine.  

Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar Review

I purchased my every first clay mask for the first time last month, Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub . Usually, I’ll purchase sheet mask for my skincare routine because sheet mask totally practically and easiest to use, but I think nothing wrong by trying another ones, clay mask. In fact, as a combination skin people, clay mask will give a better result than the sheet mask. If you know, face mask is one of the important steps of skincare routine so purchasing face mask totally worth your money.

About The Product :
Product Name : Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask + ScrubProduct Brand : FreemanSize : 175 mlPrice : RM26.60Availability : Guardian, Watsons

What it claims :
Instantly tones, purifies + mattifies for a flawless complexion

Water/Aqua/Eau, Bentonite, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonite, Titanium Dioxide, Pumice, Propylene Glycol, Vinegar (Apple Cider), Kaolin, Xanthan Gum, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Disodium Edta, Citric Acid, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylchloroisothiazolonone, Methylisothiazolinone, Fragrance/Parfum, Hexyl Cinam-Aldehyde, Yellow 6 (Ci 15985), Red 40 (Ci 16035)

The packaging/texture/scent :
This clay mask comes in the 175ml yellow tube with a plastic cap and with the apple image in front of the packaging.It’s have a not-so-thick-but-soft texture with a pink color  with a nice scent.

Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar
Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar

My experience :
I’ve been using it two to three times a week as a mask, scrub and also as a cleanser, and as a first time user of Freeman brand, what can I say is this mask is a kind product that work gentle on my skin and I feel refreshed after used it plus with the nice smell and texture. Comes with RM26.60 for 175ml is kind of plentiful. I told you. When I used it as a clay mask, the moment I put it on my face with a thin layer of the mask and waiting it to dry I felt like it’s really tight, okay really really really tight and find it hard to open my mouth and talk with others and keep thought ‘will my face will be fine’ and ‘what the heck is this’ and thought maybe I should stick with the sheet mask and I’ll be crying for any moment but when I started rinse it up, I was impressed with it haha (that’s how dramatic I am).

With the micro beads, which is scrubbing my skin very gentle to rid my dead skin cells and clear up my pores. It said perfect for all skin types, of course perfect for my combination skin type too but I’m not sure about dry and sensitive types, for certainty you can ask them through Facebook,  here :  https://www.facebook.com/freemanbeautymy/. Oh by the way, I’m already asked them through Messenger and they said you can use it as a cleanser and daily scrub if your skin is not a dry and sensitive types, you might hurt your skin. I hope this help you, dry and sensitive skin type people. 

That’s my review of Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub. Hope my review help you out ❤

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Life Lately – A Habit?

I do. I lick my lip. I will stop, I promise but I licking my lip like everyday every time, and I don’t even realise when I doing it, so I think I need to give myself some time to stop it. I have no idea how I’m supposed to stop this mucky habit! So what to do when you have no clue at all?
Just google it. For those in Stop-Licking-Lip Therapy with me, Uncle Google suggested to try a bad-tasting lip balm or petroleum jelly and gosh, do you know how gross they taste?! It definitely works but for a jiffy, being the inconsisten girl I am, I don’t always remember to apply the petroleum jelly so my lip condition is real no good because of my habit. Dear future husband, sorry, I’m not Kylie Jenner with gorgeous lip  :- .
Hot Mocha – Whenever I have a fresh cup of any hot drink, Mocha will be my first ones. Of course sometimes I just chilling with another hot drinks like teh tarik but I just love Mocha, I loves the mixture of espresso, chocolate and milk in a cup which is can boosting my mood and my day. Short, Mocha is the best ones ever. Pretty not sure whether it is a habit or not :-!
Staying up late – Everybody did it too. I’m trying not to sound like a weirdo that’s why I said everybody did it too. Scrolling down my Twitter timeline, Facebook, YouTube and blog, trust me my people, I’m not only the one who did it.
Yawning over and over again – Here we go, the weirdest side of mine. I went to the Tesco with one of my friends. A guy and bought some stuff and I can’t stop myself from yawning. Sigh. Shameful. I’m not sleepy, yawning. Bored as hell, yawning. Annoying, also yawning. Hungry and books and makeup store, ain’t yawning. After all, I’m not such a weirdo, am I?
Touch my face – Now you know why my face have pimples, pimples scars, whiteheads and blackheads, do you?
Okay laa… Hot Mocha kinda not such a habit but favourite. All of them, my habits, I hope you enjoy yourself reading this entry and for those of you to get to know me too.
I’m sure you have a habit as well. Mind sharing? 

The Beauty Tips That I Swear By

The Beauty Tips That I Swear By
I know you have your own beauty tips that good for you so do I. We’re having a good beauty tips by learning it from oldies, reading from beauty blogs and thanks to them. Today I’d like to share with you my beauty tips that have worked for me.
1. Rice water for skin. Do not throw the rice water that’s rich with minerals and vitamins for tightens and brightening your skin. 
2. Regularly clean your pillowcases to prevent skin damage because of built up dirt and oil from your skin and hair. 
3. If you used a face mist that you make at home, always put it in the fridge to make it work better. Cold face mist will make your skin glowing and refreshing and can also boosting your mood.
4. Natural makeup is better than heavy makeup and good choice and will look good for everyone, for any occasion. 
5. Use a moisturizer before applying makeup will make your makeup long lasting and also  boost hydration in your skin, to prevent flaking and dullness face. 
6. Even you’re wearing tudung and dress modestly, your hair is the crown you never take off, non’?  Don’t forget to use shampoo, conditioners  and also buy a good hair oil or serum for the hair to make it looks good and healthy. Use this 
7. Use tea as a face and body scrub. And green tea is much better than others plus green tea is packed with the full of goodness for us. See,  you can drink it and use the loose tea as a scrub, two is better than one. 
8. Don’t touch your face with dirty hands. In fact, without realizing, you transfer bacteria and viruses by touching your face.
9. Don’t pick, pop or squeeze pimples in case you will make it worse. I don’t scrubbing my face whenever there’s pimples.
10. Investing in high quality products really good for you and can also make you happy because you know what your skin need and want the best for yourself. 
11. Use a makeup remover. Light, heavy or neutral makeup, you’d still need a make up remover no matter what. 
12. Mascara is the best makeup stuff ever. With wearing mascara, you can have a dramatic and fine eyes which is makes you look feminine. 
13. Drink water as much as your body can take it and boost hydration in your body. Drink eight glasses of water in a day is totally bullshit. Sweet and soft drinks isn’t good for you.


What are your beauty tips that your swear by? Mind sharing. 

Leave Your Blog Post Link In Comment Section To Increase Your Blog Traffic.

As a blogger, we loves to see another new comments in our blog posts. Especially the comments which is sound marvelous to us, with a fair-spoken and courtly statement, can increase our uplifting to improvising our writing style better and better, importantly a perfectly posts that can increase our blog traffic. But the most important question here : is it true if we leave our blog URL in the comment section, our blog traffic will grow better?

If you ask me, I can’t denied nowadays, day after day the numbers of blogs or websites that created by new users increasing and they’re tried hard to make their blog noticeable by others by trying any blog tips to increase their traffic, one of them is by leave a comment about the post then their blog link. To be honest, nothing wrong with doing in that way. Others blogger, the professional ones will appreciate you because you’re knowing them and most of them very pleased to read your blog posts and help you by share with the others but if you create an annoying and awful posts, yeah maybe they’ll be there for the first and last time.

I recommend you to leave your URL blog post in the comment section of the blog by
put this HTML code in the comment box

<a href=”Your Blog Post URL”>Post Title</a>

to make it look clean and make it easy to for others instead of leave your URL just like that. You’ll also looks like a professional blogger.  

Buat Duit Dengan Marketplace Tok Syed

Assalamualaikum and hai. Zaman sekarang ni,  semua orang nak tambah pendapatan sampingan masing-masing especially uni students, suri rumah, even yang dah kerja tetap dengan kerajaan dengan swasta pun still rajin cari peluang nak tambah pendapatan diorang. Tak kira buat kuih ke, kek ke, upah buat design blog ke macam-macam lah. So, kali ni saya nak share satu cara yang korang boleh join untuk buat duit iaitu dengan Marketplace Tok Syed.

Marketplace Tok Syed
Marketplace Tok Syed ni adalah satu platform e-dagang (urusan jual beli antara peniaga dan pengguna melalui internet) di mana pengguna dapat peluang untuk buat duit secara online melalui affiliate dan peluang pekerjaan dalam talian yang diberi oleh pihak Tok Syed untuk ahli yang berdaftar sahaja.
So,  sebelum nak apply any job dalam Marketplace Tok Syed tu, memang wajib daftar sebagai ahli. Dia punya step by step untuk daftar tu tak susah pun, kira senang lah. Bagi yang nak register, sila klik link ni Daftar Marketplace Tok Syed
Kalau ada masalah or tak faham bab register ni boleh WhatsApp kat sini http://wasap.my/60168262990/Salam+Bantu+Saya+Proses+Register+Membership+TSD


Cara Untuk Buat Duit Dengan Marketplace Tok Syed
1. Melalui affiliate 
2. Buat job yang available di Marketplace Tok Syed
3. Jual Produk Tok Syed Dan Dapat Keuntungan Retail Sebagai Pengedar 
4. Jual beli produk yang telah disediakan di Marketplace Tok Syed
Melalui Affiliate 
Kalau korang daftar sebagai ahli, so korang akan dapat korang punya link affiliate korang. Melalui link affiliate tu, korang refer user lain untuk daftar platform Marketplace Tok Syed then korang akan dapat komisyen  affiliate korang. 

Melalui Job Yang Available di Marketplace Tok Syed
Buat jobs yang available kat Marketplace Tok Syed ni lah yang paling senang. Semua boleh buat buat make sure korang daftar dulu, kalau tak daftar memang say goodbye je la. Daftar Sini
Jobs ni pihak HQ yang sediakan buat masa sekarang. Antara jobs yang korang boleh apply adalah :
1. Share post di wall Facebook 
2. Like page Facebook sesuatu perniagaan 
3. Follow Account Instagram 
4. Share URL di wall Facebook anda
5. Buat review produk di akaun sosial anda
6. Blast message di group WhatsApp anda
7. Buat review di blog anda. 
List of jobs.. And there’s more 
Antara jobs yang saya dah buat. 
Hasil jobs sharing

Jual Produk Tok Syed Dan Dapat Keuntungan Retail Sebagai Pengedar 
Kalau yang ni kena refer pihak HQ Marketplace Tok Syed melalui WhatsApp 
Then diorang akan bantu untuk korang jadi pengedar Tok Syed. 
Jual Beli Produk Yang Telah Disediakan Di Marketplace Tok Syed. 
Untuk tengok listing produk, boleh click my Marketplace dekat menu tu and mana-mana produk yang telah disenaraikan akan direview oleh pihak admin dan ambil masa 24 jam. Dekat sini, korang boleh jual dan jadikan platform ini sebagai e-commerce korang,  apa yang penting kerjasama korang kena daftar dulu sebagai ahli Daftar Sini
So, buat duit sampingan dengan platform Tok Syed memang senang,  yang susahnya bila korang malas dan malu-malu. Apa-apa pun korang kena rajin untuk promosikan kepada orang lain. Daftar Sini and kalau ada pertanyaan, refer dekat diorang, mana diorang boleh bantu diorang akan bantu 
Kalau malu bertanya sesat jalan.