I am known as Mija in the blogging world, although I know all of you know that’s it not my real name. But I still love the name. Short, easy to spell out, easy to write etc. . i’m born in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan and raised in Kota Bharu, Kelantan which i never want to stop exploring.

L’m a believer of living in the moment and doing what i love. a few of my loves in life are (but not limited to) writing, road trips, taking pictures, baby cuddles, drinking coffee, slow mornings and being in this moment. Here is my now.

Books and anime are my scandal. Plus a cup of hot espresso or mocha will be heaven. Nope. Just to add a new map on the book. No forget to mention, I love walking around to relax and enjoy myself. I also spend most of my money to buy a new books. Mostly on novel.

I created this blog so I can sharing my chucklesome life updates, write a little of this a little of that, also because blogging is fun. I’ll always try to blog as frequently as I can but I’m sure most of you’d know sometimes how hectic life is! Anyway, welcome to my lifestyle blog, Mijablur. Thank you for dropping by.