About the person behind blog

Peace be upon you and hi my readers and all my internet friends. I’m Mija, founder of this little lifestyle blog. Currently, I live in a hot and humid weather of a suburban area of Kelantan, Malaysia with my family.

I’m mildly obsessed with book, beauty-related and anime. If I’m not in front of my laptop, you’ll find me listening to music, reading, doing chores and chilling out with my lovely niece, Damia *hug emoji*

If you’re looking for me on social media, I’m pretty active on Twitter at @mijablur [by retweeting]. I also trying my best to use Instagram occasionally.

About this blog

I created this blog back in 2016 because of my passion towards writing and reading, of course because of other bloggers too. I’d say this blog is my countless blogs because I kept created new blogs when I’m on blogspot before with a weird name and url because this girl are sooo annoying. And then, I think a lot about my blog. I just can’t kept creating, deleting and renaming my blog over and over again cause that’s eventually wasting my time and energy. So Mijablur is the name I decided at last. Though is sound kinda weird name, don’t blame on me for this weird name please, I don’t have any names to put on for my blog anymore. I hope Mijablur will stay forever. Pray for me.

Then on 2018, I took a decision to migrate from Blogger to WordPress.org and getting myself self-hosted. First I’m scared but now the scared and unsure feeling leave me alone and fill it with satisfied and overjoyed feeling. Namee Roslan, Proudduck and Cik Epal, three of them mostly write about their daily lives and through their blog, encourage me to created my own blog to share what I love to but I’m not write about my daily lives so much because there’s nothing fancy or interesting to share with.

Mostly rambling on blog about :

Beauty – I share with you any products I use and write a review of those products, from cleanser to sunscreen. Sometimes I write about any of skincare tips that I know through reading on other blogs. Purchase any beauty products during sales are my me-time. Patch test and using them on my skin might be awesome but it’s way better to share with you my thoughts and experiences using any of products I purchased.

Personal – Just a spot place where I rambling on about my personal opinion over something. Nothing fancy.

Book – Well I may not the best book reviewer on book community, but I still try my best to write. I may not be a bookishness person who purchase books every month, not also try to set a goal how much book I should read this month because I am such not even close to that. I’m just urmm.. walking in the bookstore, and have a quick thinking ‘okay I’ll purchase this book’, take and bring it to the counter, pay and go to buy a hot drink at convenience store and then go home.

For your information, this blog is hosted on NetKL (I already wrote my review towards NetKL hosting and what will make you love them, you can read them here) and the theme I used on my blog right now is Isabelle Theme from StudioGem. If you are curious about blogging, or you’re need any tutorial or tips and tricks on blogging, you can refer to the Helplogger (for Blogger users) and WPBeginner (for WordPress.org users). Both of them help me a lot in blogging world and I hope they can help you too.