Here’s everything you need to know about me.

Hi! My name in blogging world is Mija but it isn’t my real name, and I’m a lifestyle blogger. If you are love reading a blog with a bit of a beauty stuff, the blog owner’s personal thoughts and also a bookish person, you are in the right place. Let’s me kindly remind you, this is not an entertaining blog.

I grew up in Kelantan, Malaysia thus, that’s make me a Kelantanese. At a very young age, I noticed that my mother was obsessed with makeup and skincare. She had dozens of skincare and hundreds of shoes, and I loved going through all of them and playing dress-up. My childhood was colored with the smell of high-end purses, clutches, dresses, overalls, and makeup.

Although I was the ultimate girly girl, I must say I was a bit of a bookworm. My biggest dream was to study Fashion Design. I went to the Academy of Art’s School, and the dream came true. After I got my Bachelor’s degree, I started working as an Assistant Manager at Tonlé. I was more than happy working there, but I’ve always felt like I wanted to achieve more.