Emina Sun Battle SPF30 PA+++ Review

I went to the Watsons although I’m not into Watsons that much because they are always force us to take the basket and keep asking us to buy the stuff behind the counter, but you know you got something to buy and urgent to get it and the drugstore just in front of your eyes, …

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Dr Chong Clinic, An Aesthetic Clinic for Getting Skin Treatment

Dr Chong Clinic Aesthetic Kuala Lumpur

All of us got the same problem, whether it hormonal acne, acne scar and so on. Some skincare products might be able to help and some might not. That’s why we need to seek help from dermatologist, who knows better than us on how to treat our skin problems. One of the best skin clinic, …

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Safi Shayla Supa Smooth Leave On Cream Review

Hi. I’m here not so early, I don’t think I would update my blog as early as I don’t know but the sun is not here yet. It’s quarter past 6 by the way (•‿•). I’m also in my good mood so… before anyone or anything spoil the mood I should write. First, when my …

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Healing Bark Mask Review

Hi. Today I will share with you a review of the new mask I fell in love, Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask. As my readers, if you read some of my posts, you will understand that I am mask lover especially clay mask. So, it thrilling to try a new mask and include it …

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Aiken Whitening Facial Cleanser Review

I got Aiken Whitening Facial Cleanser as a freegift when I purchased Aiken Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer at Mydin that’s why I got the small size 15g instead of 100g. But it good to give it a try. I used Aiken before when my skin on its worst condition because of mercury products and Guardian …

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Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk – Moisture Review

Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk Moisture

What’s up guys? Today I will write a review of my new favorite moisturizer; Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk (Moisture). I’ve been wanting to try this moisturizer since I’m so in love with any skincare products from Japan.I knew about Muji sometime ago but keep purchase another stuff that distracts me from what I really lusting. …

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