Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk Moisture

Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk – Moisture Review

Posted on Jun 30, 2021 in Beauty, Face

What’s up guys? Today I will write a review of my new favorite moisturizer; Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk (Moisture). I’ve been wanting to try this moisturizer since I’m so in love with any skincare products from Japan.I knew about Muji sometime ago but keep purchase another stuff that distracts me from what I really lusting. There’s no Muji store in Kelantan, but lucky me, Muji sell their products on Shopee, so I check out this moisturizer with excitement.

Nowadays, a lot of brands keep labeled their moisturizers as a milk or mask, so some people just feel confused about it, including me. That’s why you need to make sure to read the description of products carefully, read some reviews also can help you. To purchase and trying a new moisturizer is quite tough decision since your skin can breakout if the products doesn’t suitable with your skin. You also need to think about your skin types, what your skin is sensitive towards any ingredients, and so on. It’s just a lot to think about and this things make me really have the hard times

Description: A skin care series using natural water from Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture. It gives a refreshing moisturization to sensitive skin that is concerned about dryness. It is a hypoallergenic substance that is gentle on delicate skin.
・No fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil, weak acidity, paraben-free, alcohol-free,*Allergy tested (however, it is not guaranteed to be allergy free for all users.).

Ingredients List: water, dippropylene glycol, glycerin, ethylhexyl palmitate, peg-32, squalane, pentylene glycol, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, glycosyl trehalose hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, portulaca orelacea extract, orea europaea (olive) fruit oil, polyquaternium-51, citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract, arginine, allantoin, xanthan gum, carbomer, butylene glycol, sodium citrate, phenoxyethanol

Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk Moisture

Impression(s): First thing first, I purchased a huge size; 400ml as a first time user, but I’m not regret because it suits me fine. I don’t know how I could have been decided to purchase the huge ones but turn out, I really like it. I love how they put on the bottle how much it left.

Texture(s): Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk – Moisture have a milky texture as moisturizer. It’s not too runny and not too thick, it just between them, which is suits with my combination skin well.

Usage(s): I used this Muji Sensitive Moisturising Milk (Moisture) twice a day in my morning and night skincare routine. I don’t need a lot of it because a little goes a long way. And, just for your information, if I overuse this moisturizer, I realized my skin feels a bit sticky and need a minute or two to make sure this stickiness on my skin go away. I layered this moisturizer on the last step every night and before I put on my sunscreen on the morning routine but I’ll make sure to use hydrating toner or hydrating essence as long as it hydrating because it feels better in that way.

Result(s): The delivery guy delivered this moisturizer to me on the evening and I use it before sleep after apply toner on the same day. I more love it when I use it on my damp face, it just makes it feel more moisturizing and my dry patch around my nose and eyes is gone.

The only cons of the moisturizer is it taking time to fully absorb into the skin. I need to sit down in front of the fan and keep dabbing my face until it fully absorb but I don’t mind that. If you need to be hurry in the morning, maybe you wouldn’t like this.

Use Hatomugi Skin Conditioner before put on this moisturizer and then I end it with Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel is da bomb. My skin loves the combination so much. To make it simple -> Water Texture Toner + Milky Type Moisturizer + Gel Type Sunscreen. It really good for me, but, mind you, it’s your mileage may vary.

Overall: Now I want to say that I love this moisturizer so much. Thanks to Muji for creating a good moisturizer for a combination skin people like me. Beside it bottle packaging which is my favorite kind of packaging of moisturizer. You know how hygienic it is compared to the jar packaging.

For 400ml, I’m sure I’m will take a long time to finish it, almost a year maybe? Because I purchased it around early April, and now it end of June and I just use 100ml of it. So 100ml moisturizer can last for a three months (as for me) so that’s mean 400 ml can last a year maybe? We’ll see hahahaha.

I’m not sure whether I’ll repurchased this one or not after I’m finish it. Maybe I’ll feel boring and tend to try another new moisturizer but since it’s doesn’t cause me breakout, I’ll love it forever and always will.

Price & where to buy : It retails for RM59.90 for 400ml. You can purchase this moisturizer at Muji store near you, Muji website or Muji Shopee Mall.


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  1. simple betul packaging dia haha belum pernah dengar lagi brand Muji ni. Good for Mija kalau dah jumpa product yang sesuai dengan kulit. Nak beli pun mudah sebab available dekat Shopee Mall



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