3 Types of Homes You Can Find in Vancouver

Posted on Oct 19, 2021 in Lifestyle

Vancouver is a city with no parallel.  Sitting on the northern half of British Columbia, Vancouver is the perfect mix of artsy and technologically minded, creating an interesting blend in home design and taste.

If you’re interested in buying a home in Vancouver, here are the top three types of homes you’re going to find in the city.  Although every house is its own and deserves its recognition, there would be no Vancouver without these cliches!

Boat Houses Floating by

Houseboats have been a fad since the 1960s when people started seeking out unusual ways to live and find privacy. So, although living on boats wasn’t new, outfitting crafts specifically to make them into hoes was!  

Vancouver has a long history of houseboats, allowing people to pay and dock year-round or come and go as they wish.  Houseboats are fun, quirky, and an incredible conversation starter, yet they’re also high maintenance.

Not only do you have to manage your sewage system, but the boat also requires engineers or help if anything goes wrong.  This can get expensive quickly. In addition, the physical labor needed to maintain and use the houseboat may outweigh the cute looks that entice so many buyers.

Modern and Tech-Driven

Since this city is a tech capital, it’s no surprise that Vancouver homes for sale would reflect that!  Many homes available for purchase in Vancouver have smart capabilities, perks that range from in-floor heating to a fridge that will tell you when you need to do another grocery run.  Although these hoes can be overwhelming to older generations who want every piece of furnishing to be usable right off the bat, for younger people who are house shopping, these can be fun perks to dig through and picture your life alongside.

Artsy and Fun Classic

Vancouver is often called the Hollywood of Canada because of how many movies are filmed here and the artsy attitude.  Fortunately, the artsy feelings are carried through in the architecture and design choices within most homes. So many spaces, from older homes to newer minimal designs, can be coated in beautiful hues, making the home itself a piece of art.  Sitting above the beautiful ocean water, the mountains at their backs, every home within Vancouver is as unique as it can get while still feeling like a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Vancouver is more than just a techy city an hour away from the skiing capital of the world.  Every house is a piece of art, from techy futuristic homes to cute and well-decorated houseboats; you’ll fall in love with every home that you get to come across.  

The prices in Vancouver can be obscene in some areas, so you’ll have to budget heavily and save up if you want to afford a home or get approved for a loan.  Although this hurtle may be large enough for many, the housing market is still wild here and can take some patience and work to get into.


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