Me & Malaysia GE14

Proudly say that I’m officially done with polling day for GE14. My feeling when I set my foot in the classroom is upside down because this is my first time I’ve been voting for GE, so if you’re like me, first time or if you’re remembered your first time polling experience for GE I’m sure you’ll know my feeling.

I asked Umi a lot of questions regarding the GE and she’s answer my questions one by one patiently. The traffic jam, people, these are really testing my patience but thinking about it, it’s only for today and then the next five years later so I kept thinking positive thoughts. New experience. GE14 is my new experience and I have to. This is my commitment, responsibility as Malaysian.

The sad part is the polling station. Mine is Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki while Umi (as she thought, SMKTM) I’m just jealous because of I thought that I’ll be voting at the same place  as Umi but noooo. Why Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki why why why? I hoping for not far off from my house as I can cross the road, vote and go home. But the real thing is, I have to go to MML, with the holy crap traffic jam. Sigh. But it’s doesn’t matter anymore. I’m done with the GE14 and I’m hoping for the best to our country. Ameen.

Scrolling down Instagram aaannnddd a lot of photos of finger with ink. Also, this is my 100th post! So interesting to continue .

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  1. Yeayy! First time mengundi, excited lebih sikit 😀 Macam2 style gambar jari ada hari ni kan. Bagi can lah sebab 5 tahun sekali. Hihi

  2. Tu laa 5 tahun sekali gambar jari ber-ink penuh kat media sosial

  3. Alhamdulillah, selamat mengundi. kali kedua kin mengundi di tempat yang sama (:

  4. Congrats sebab dah melaksanakan tanggungjawab sebagai rakyat, babe! Normal lah tu penuh gambar jari kat Instagram, 5 tahun sekali kan. Bagi chance lah hehehe 😀

  5. Woahaha thanks babe ???

  6. Oh kali kedua dah, saya baru first time haha

  7. I started casting my votes in 1999. done follow 82.

  8. Wanie tak boleh nak selfie jari sendiri sbb buruk sngt. Ade ke org jaga dakwat tu duk tonyoh2 jari bnyk kali hahaha

  9. Congrats for your first time GE experienced! 😀

  10. Alhamdulillah sama kita pertama kali berpeluang mengundi. Excited lain macam bercampur baur emosi.

  11. Yes, there were a lot of inked finger photos on Instagram! 😀

    Congratulations on voting for the first time 🙂

  12. Tu laa dia punya feeling tuuu hahaha

  13. A lot of them haha by the way thanks Farah

  14. Eh baru tau stesen mengundi boleh berbeza dengan family.. hahaha.. Mine whole family satu tempat je..

  15. seronok kan dapat pergi mengundi..mcmm pesta pun ada kan..

  16. Tu laaa tak tau la kenapa macam tu ?

  17. tahniah untuk kali pertama mengundi, akak dah kali ke 3 mengundi tapi kali ni perasaan sangat berdebar2

  18. TAhniah yang menang huhuhu

  19. Dia punya berdebar tuh kalah masa ambik SPM haha

  20. dakwat dah hilang ke belum? 😉

  21. wow dah post yang ke-100! Congrats ya 😀

    Mesti rasa berbaloi kan bila dah settle jalankan tanggungjawab kepada negara? 🙂

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