Wednesday Wishlist

Wednesday Wishlist #1 – Beauty Wishlist

Posted on Sep 20, 2019 in Lifestyle

Even though we have much of makeup and skincare, we never get enough and always jot down our current beauty wishlist huh? Here are the five items I am eyeing on at the moment!

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Laneige Cream Skin Refiner 50ml/150ml RM15/RM85.00

I read a review about this hydrating toner from Iman Abdul Rahim‘s blogpost. And let’s be honest, there’s must be some of you that will buy anything that you can afford when your favorite beauty blogger wrote a good review about that product. I am one of those people. Plus Laneige is one of the popular skincare brand from Korea and a lot of twitterians that’s hype about skincare would recommend this hydrating toner and I thought someday I will buy it. Someday.

Nanowhite Clarifying Cleansing Milk RM22.60

Double cleansing is awesomeness beauty step ever and of course will be always on my current beauty wishlist posts. Who ever from Korea that’s first one who start up this must be brilliant and genius and saver for all of us who struggles with skin problems. I started use cleansing oil before, and not realize that cleansing milk will be as good as cleansing oil but what makes it different is when you use cleansing oil, you don’t need to use with cotton pad while cleansing milk need ones. I used cleansing milk from another brand before and found it good but unfortunately the price tag of the product quite high compared to Nanowhite so Nanowhite Clarifying Cleansing Milk is my another option. Love your skin is a must but need to check on your pocket too ❤

Hatomugi Lotion Skin Conditioner RM31.90

When I went to Guardian, my eye catching this hydrating toner. I want to give it a try but there’s no a tester for Hatomugi, I’m frustrated. But what makes me want it even more not the brand but the price and size. 500ml for RM31.90? I’m want it. Quite big, oh no, that’s so pretty big and cheap. Suit my cheapskate side very well haha. Plus read the reviews from Hermo and Twitter make me more excited. But that day, I’m not buying it because I’m in the rush for dinner so have to say goodbye but I’m definitely going to buy it when I got my payment. Don’t worry. Here I’m coming baby.

Freeman Glacier Water + Pink Peony Gel Cream Mask RM26.89

I am big fan of Freeman brand and I would like to try one by one of their masks as much as I can. Glacier Water + Pink Peony Gel Cream Mask is the latest mask from Freeman itself and I was like ‘Why I can’t insist Freeman mask? Why?’ There’s another mask brands but I’ll always go back to Freeman. Right now I’m trying to finish my Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask and will update the review later.

Revlon Colorstay Makeup Combination/Oily RM75.90

Food is my number one priority, book number two and skincare the 3rd ones, of course the last one is makeup. I have never ever tried anything from Revlon, but just looking at it makes you want it haha. I don’t know whether my skin type is still combination or normal but I would love to have it. Maybelline  Superstay Foundation is doing good on my skin but I never get enough of anything.

What’s on you current beauty wishlist? And do you have any good items you want to recommend? Feel free to leave a comment below! Love you! x Mija.



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