10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me
For you, whether this is your first time read my blog, accidentally stepped in to this blog, or if you’re someone who’s enthusiast to my blog, I’m sure you’ve read a lot on my blog and maybe some of you don’t know me well enough so I’ll make things clear by this post. 
1. Left-handed woman. When I was in kindergarten and primary school, I thought I’m weird because I write using my left hand. Actually that’s not such a weirdo. Allah S.W.T gave you hands right and left, so use it for the best. 
2. I love to clean. When things are clean, I feel peace but if things aren’t clean, I’m going explode. Cleansing my house also can be an exercise for me. I’m gonna get my body shape and my house is clean enough. 
3. My name is not Mija but Erni Hasmiza. My family, Abah, Umi, my siblings including my brother-in-law and some close cousins called me Along. My relatives and friends called me Erni. I decided to used Mija because I think it’s easy to spell and mention. there’s one more, I can’t pronounce anything with Z perfectly.
4. Read for pleasure. I loves reading. I read a lot of stuff like blogs, online short stories, social media posts, and hearty novels ect but I rarely get fascinated with the news and poetry. 
5. I loves watching anime. From thriller to romance and funny. Yes I am. The anime I’ve watched can’t even compare to any otaku because I only watched a little bit of it. I’m not an otaku but I am an anime lover. I watch anime whenever I want. Not interested in Malay’s drama by the way. 
6. Messy side braid. I’m really bad at doing hair, really. My hair is always in a ponytail or bun or simple braid. More like loose side braid because of the steps to get those messy side braid is so easy. You can do it without any help from mirror. If it looks marvellous, it’s because somebody else did it for me. Arigatou gozaimasu!! 
7. My eyelashes curly naturally. I’m love and hate it at the same time (I apologise to those who hate me because of I’m saying that!) Yeah I know you must be thinking about ‘Oh girl please be grateful for anything you have because not everyone can have it’. First, I don’t need to spend money on eyelashes curler but  I can’t apply eyeliner correctly with this natural eyelashes. Hurm. Ungrateful person alert!! 
8. I love sling bags and stylish canvas bags. Because of the simple design, yet affordable price because I’m such a  cheapskates. 
9. Rather buy books then makeup. Because I simply thought I can go out without put any makeup on my face. Hell no because I’ll be shameless borrow my Umi or my sister makeup stuff. If you’re read any beauty stuff reviews on this blog, that’s because I bought it because had a deep thought about there products.
10.I remember clothes. There’s one thing that I have a sharp memory for: outfits. I remember any outfits my friends and family. I accidentally told them ‘Eh you’ve already wore this outfit last Tuesday bla bla‘ then this thing sure made my  friends and family feel uncomfortable with me.

There you have it! Happy reading!

10 responses to “10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me”

  1. Kita geng 8 & 9! Hehehe.

  2. okay lah tu tak pandai buat style rambut tapi boleh braid. Selalunya buat tocang je tak pun sanggul bila panas. Anime freak rupanya, tak pernah nampak side yang tu 😉

  3. Takut jugak kalau orang cakap kebudak-budakan ???

  4. samalah kita suka tgok anime 🙂

  5. No 5 and 9 sama lahr.. hehe.. The last one was funny. I tend to remember any kind of event than people 🙂

  6. I love reading as well 😀

  7. nice knowing u, Mija 🙂
    4 & 8 = gimme five!
    the last one 🙂 ha ha ha ha. aida sgt tak bagus bab ingat-mengingat baju nih.
    tak masuk dlm memori otak langsung hu hu hu…

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