Monthly Favourites – May 2023 Edition

Posted on May 31, 2023 in Lifestyle

Peace be upon you and hi. Today the weather is so so hot and it’s making me feel urgh. Today post is kinda a short post I think, but it’s definitely doesn’t matter as long as I have time to update my blog. The only thing that can make me fitter is by scrolling down my blog and looking at my drafts with my dumb look.

First thing my new phone case. I love it. I bought it at Shopee and you what? It’s so nice. When it comes to the phone cases, dark color will be my first choice. Hiks

I went to the Pesta Lampu around Tunjong on 29 May, it not that great but not bad also, I think is really good since the kids love it. I mean they’re so excited and they got the big smile on the face when we were there, so it’s worth it since it only cost us RM5 per person.

I love Pinterest. I really am. I found a lot of outfit ideas for Muslimah, because I want to dress up as I should be but still comfortable so Pinterest helps me a lot. Thanks.

By the way, what’s your May favourites?



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