Top Computer Repair Service in KL

Posted on Jun 3, 2023 in Lifestyle

Sometimes I face some issues when using my laptop when blogging, and it can be such a hassle for me. Some of you might think that I can also update my blog using a smartphone or tablet, but I prefer using my laptop.

When it comes to technology, there may be times when we can’t predict when certain parts will malfunction or break down. Luckily there is Geld Technologies, a reputable computer repair shop in KL, with experienced IT technicians. They can help to fix common computer issues like motherboard repair, desktop repair, and installing and updating your computer RAM.

The best part is they offer laptop pick up and drop off delivery service at your home or office anywhere in Klang Valley including Wangsa Maju and Old Klang Road for the convenience of their customers. Their team also provides IT support services for companies in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Geld Technologies is one of the top service providers in KL for fixing Microsoft Surface laptops. They often help customers to fix Surface Pro overheating, Surface Pro battery replacement, and other issues with Microsoft Surface devices at an affordable price.

Many of these common computer issues might look simple and easy to fix, but often the problem is more complicated to fix. Many of us can’t solve the problem on our own as we don’t have the experience, skills or the proper tools to perform the repair work which can make the problem worse. That’s why we need an IT professional with years of experience in this field who can fix these computer problems efficiently and effectively.

If you would like to skip the hassle of repairing your own computer, you can drop off your laptop, PC or iPad at their computer service shop in Subang Jaya so they can diagnose your device issue whether it is related to the software or hardware.

You can fill up the online enquiry form on Geld Technologies website for an estimated quotation to fix your device, as the service cost may vary depending on how serious your laptop problem is and price of the replacement parts.

If you need further information about their laptop repair or other services, you can contact them directly by phone call at +016-666-9438, send them a WhatsApp message or email them at [email protected], or chat with their staff on their website.


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