30 Days Blogging Challenge

Day 1: Weird things you do when you’re alone

Posted on Mar 4, 2016 in Blogging

Blogging isn’t my hobby, but I love writing. Compared to the vlogging, I’m more into blogging cause I don’t need to set up anything to record what I’m doing every day and edit it over and over to post it on YouTube. My real hobby may be shopping and drink coffee (I don’t think I could mention drink coffee as a hobby but whatever). To be safe, when random people ask me a simple question like ‘What’s yours hobby? I always answered, reading.

If I can’t sleep, I’m keeping pushed myself to read a book, even only a chapter or read only one sentence or a paragraph. But I hate to get up and turn on my light. End up, I just scrolled down Twitter or Pinterest. At least I tried to do something. And came across to this 30 Day Blog Challenge. First, this challenge looks nice. I can use this challenge to update my blog regarding what the challenge topics for 30 days. Of course I can’t settle down this challenge in 30 days straight (I’m a very straightforward type) , but I’ll try to finish the challenge before this year end.

Day 1: Weird things you do when you’re alone

The first topic is kinda interesting. I love being alone, I spend my time with myself because I feel comfortable with it. It just the moment when I can be myself without need to struggle to pretend and control my attitude in front of others. Some things that I do is slightly weird including :

Make faces to my cats : When just me and my cats at home, I’ll make them feel annoyed with me by making faces at them. I don’t know whether another cat owners do what I’m doing. Some of them might be do it, some might not. Maybe my cats thought I’m weird and have a thought like Why she so weird? Can’t she just be normal, like others? Like us?

Dancing in front of the mirror : Lalala I know I’m not the only ones who did this. You guys also do it too. There’s no specific type of dance. It just a random dance and sometimes I think why my dance is sooo weird. Like really really weird. And funny too.

Shake my legs : My dad hate it when I shake my legs. I don’t know when I started it, why I do it and how to stop it. So, I tried my best to not shake my legs in front of him and only do it when I’m alone. I don’t know how weird it is because I don’t see any of people do it, except me.

There’s more of course, and I try to remember others weird things I do when I alone. There’s a lot, you know.



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