Blogger Challenge 3 : Handwriting

Blogger Challenge 3 post finally is here. This time, it’s about handwriting. So I’m happily post my handwriting picture on this post though I’m not in the mood to blog but one thing that I know, I need to update my blog.

Believe it or not, I only de-stress when I on my blog. Leave anything out of my way and keep focused on blogging literally makes me feel energetic, as for now. I think that what other bloggers will think too.

Blogger Challenge 3

First, that’s my handwriting. There’s no ‘nice’ or ‘ugly’ when it comes to handwriting. There’s only diligent, lazy and when I need to be hurry handwriting and guess what? Three of them totally have no difference to me. I found that diligent handwriting totally made me tired but warmer when I looked at it (that’s how teachers feels, I think?)

Second, those words are from Kuzu No Honkai Decor manga, the last chapter. Happy ending for Hanabi and Mugi. Arigatou gozaimasu, Mengo Yokoyari. And I’m typing this while listening to Heikousen, ending song of Kuzu No Honkai anime.

Already 25, I’m realizing that I’m not write as much as my school time before, but yes, people still writing but not as much as before. There’s social media, smartphones and all those things, I still interested in cute notebooks, stationery etc and I’m proud with myself. One thing I want to ask, do you give a damn care about your handwriting? How much it affects you? Because I keep curious about there’s people out there that obsessed with beautiful handwriting and always want to keep their best when it comes to the handwriting. Sometimes I want to shout out to them stop being so perfect. They’re need to know how their obsessed affects their life.

So, there’s Blogger Challenge 3 this time, in Handwriting

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Blogger Challenge 2 : Current Relationship

There’s we go, the second challenge. Blogger Challenge 2 : Currently Relationship.

Relationship huh?

I don’t have so much experience when it comes to relationships. I know this kind of ‘relationship’ means boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, not relationship with friends or family. But think nothing goes wrong if I write about it, I really need to writing about any relationships I have in my life.

Blogger Challenge 2

Actually, I’m single. Neither have a boyfriend nor husband. I’m not either proud or sad or even depressed of being a single woman because there’s nothing harm or useless without a man in your life. I have my Abah and my brothers, three of them can be my protector and I perfectly know they’re not even same as a boyfriend since my brothers always pissed me off almost of the time. But I think I’m rather stay single than fall in love with a wrong man and make myself hurt.

I still remember how angry I am when I was fifteen, my boyfriend called me in the middle of night, 3 AM in fact, just to say something which is I don’t remember much actually but I still remember that night how pissed I am. He interrupted my sleep just to said something useless, while I need to sleep for school tomorrow, as the best girlfriend I’m trying to be ‘polite’ with him. And guess what? That’s the last time he called me. I’m not trying to persuade him because I don’t think I need to. After that, I thought I’m immature but later, I think he’s the one who immature. Maybe some of you may thought this is cliche and annoying but I found out about something. No matter how deep you love for her or him, just respect your partner sleep time. THATS IMPORTANT. YOU’RE IMPORTANT FOR THEM BUT HAVE A ENOUGH SLEEP ALSO IMPORTANT.

It’s okay to leave if you are not happy. If someone is not making you happy or making you feel less than, just leave. You don’t have to make excuses for people. You need to love yourself before you can love anyone else. May Allah forgive and protect us.

Sarah Hildebrand

Actually above quote has nothing to do with me, my life but someday of course, but I’m know some of you out there may related to the quote. Just stay strong.  That’s all for Blogger Challenge 2: Currently Relationship. 

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  • Blogger Challenge 1: Introduction
  • Blogger Challenge 1: Introduction

    Welcome to the first chapter of the challenge, people :-]]. Okay so far, today blogger challenge 1, as a normal introduction, let’s start about myself first then I’ll proceed about the blog.

    I’m Mija but my real name is Erni Hasmiza. As a matter of fact, my blog’s name have nothing to do with my real name, my family and friends doesn’t called me Mija either. I picked up the name because of how short it is and easy to write. See, just two simple and clear reasons, I think my Umi should be grateful for having me as her daughter, despite being a troublemaker, I’m not such a complicated ones. Simple minded plus a little bit clumsy. Pretty good girl. Phew.

    Born on 1994, sure you can guess my age, do you? B-)

    Blogger Challenge 1
    Here I am

    Emm, I’m not so into K-pop but lately I’ve been listening to Blackpink new song, Kill This Love and let’s me say this. THEY ARE AWESOME LITTLE GROUP GIRL. Blame on my sister, please. She keeps singing and dancing around and I can’t stop myself from googling about Blackpink.

    I started knows about blog when I google and read Hlovate’s blogs before (I’m not really remember it since Hlovate has a few of blogs but I’m sure about Blogdrive) and then started blogging on 2013 actually but I kept deleted and made the new ones non-stop, but on 2016, I decided to start from scratch and after then change to self hosted WordPress. Pardon me for any bloggers who knows and read my blog with a creepy annoying blog name and URL before.

    Majoring write about anything related to the lifestyle stuff and a little reviews about skincare. I can’t stop myself from eyeing beautiful themes in Etsy and how I wish I have a lot of money (cause WordPress themes quite expensive compared to Blogger templates) to purchase any themes I want anytime, but I felt relieved because I still under control.

    So yeah. That’s all for Blogger Challenge 1: Introduction. I wish I could finish this Blogger Challenge anytime soon as I can and I hope more bloggers can join this challenge just for fun.

    Blogger Challenge

    Keep typing this and that, end up with deleting. I don’t even remember how many times I was doing the same thing. I’m hoping that I’m done with everything from writing and editing blog posts (including the old ones) so I could make something to make sure my blog looks fresh and great. Sometimes I felt how unfair I treated my blog.

    Even when I did have time to sit down and work on it, I often found myself staring at a blank screen, feeling uninspired and confused on how to settle down all the things I need to do for my blog. Do my blog theme looks good enough? Which posts I need to re-update?And jotted something down on my notebook for new ideas for the posts. As this continued on, I fell into a blogging slump.

    Gladly I blogwalking to Farhana Jafri‘s blog and got to this Blogger Challenge. At first, I felt like quite embarrassed because some of the challenges, you need to show yours photos but I wish I could do my best (google search ‘how to take a properly photos and doesn’t look awkward in front of camera’). And big thanks to Rrai because your idea make my blogging slump go away.

    Blogger Challenge
    1. Introduction and your recent photo.
    2. Your current relationship.
    3. Picture of your handwriting.
    4. Describe your partner or someone you have feelings for.
    5. A letter to someone. Anyone.
    6. Everyday makeup look. A picture of you.
    7. Best advice you’ve ever got.
    8. Something for your kids to know.
    9. How you stay positive.
    10. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
    11. Share: A difficult time in your life.
    12. Tell Me: Are you a sensitive person?
    13. Three things that cross your mind a lot!
    14. Do you love your job?
    15. Five things you hope to have in your future.

    I’ll do this Blogger Challenge on August and will give my best to complete this challenge. This will be a sticky post and I’ll change the list to hyperlink if I complete any of each of the challenges, not forget to mention about I’ll update any of the list of the challenge maybe not so everyday but in a day or two. Ganbatte !!!

    Mija’s Pick : What Are The Most Beauty Blogs That I Reads?

    I know everyone has their own favorite idols, singers, writers, Instagrammers, football players and so on. So do us, bloggers. If you are not even a blogger, you’re still have your own favorite bloggers, we, as a blogger also spend our free time to read any new articles from our favorite blogs too.

    Although I’m trying hard to consistently update my blog as much as I can while struggling with writer’s block but then I realized that I seems to have overlooked something important. I felt my blog didn’t have enough content about my favourite products, books or anything in between. I’ve created this new segment, call it ‘Mija’s Pick’ to reprovision for this.

    As March 2019 already here, concertedly, I want to share with you my favorite beauty blogs as a starting of the segment.

    Read : Moving To Self-hosted WordPress

    Lenne Zulkiflly

    First of all, I really love this girl. She really knows how to make me stay on her blog reading all of the makeup review (and also skincare review) because you know, how much I suck when it comes to makeup thingies. So, her blog is my lifesaver ❤.

    Imam Abdul Rahim

    Next *clear throat* I think, no, I SHOULD call her beauty guru because of her blog with a great content she wrote on her blog I know what it is AHA, BHA and all vitamin in the skincare. All those things I have zero knowledge of it. Not forget to mention, she ALWAYS share tips and tricks about skincare and also her skincare routine.

    Sabrina Tajudin

    Let’s me be honest, I like this blog content and if I was a teacher and need to give it a mark of the blog design, I’m sure will give it A+++. But now let’s focus on the blog content.

    Sabrina really an inspiring person. She has her own brand called Breena Beauty but at same time she’s be able to manage her blog, sharing her reviews and whatnot with her readers.

    Eventually, just in case anyone is thinking why I follow and read those blogs although most of them are writing about same category, beauty. Why I’m not read only one or two blogs? Why I need to read more than two blogs about beauty?

    First, because for me myself, beauty is awesomeness of subject to read and explore cause it worth it. Plus with my love into reading and to increase my knowledge about skincare, I know I need to read more than enough.

    Second, keep in your mind that not all of people passionate about beauty industry. Simply, some of them have a little bit or zero knowledge about it (just like me before) so, we need help from them, beauty bloggers, who have tons of knowledge about hair, makeup, skincare or whatnot.

    So, whoever is curious about skincare or need to read a review, as a referral about any products before buy it. Just to get clear whether ‘this one suit on me or not’, I hope this post help you. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@mijablur) !

    Who are your favorite beauty bloggers? Mind sharing with me :-> ?

    Some Updates and, oh, 3rd Anniversary Post

    Time flies as fast as I see, this blog already on its 3rd year and I still here. Alhamdulillah. A lot of things I need to improvise and you guys have no idea how hard I’m trying to update my blog as much as I can, as frequently as well, but a word that starts with L and end with Y will not let me do it. LAZY. What a lame excuse. Sigh.

    Well, you may have noticed (or so I wish someone had noticed) that I definitely slowed down and eventually died out during my third year of blogging. Real life obligations finally caught up with me so I had to face them head on.

    Oreki Houtarou

    Maybe I could be Houtarou (girl version) already with my laziness.

    So yeah, even though I am not as satisfied as I hoped to be, I want to greet my blog and myself a…


    There is no significant events that happened to me (life and blog related) so I could not share that much with you. Aside from having a break from writing blog posts, I also stopped reading other blogs! Gosh, I think I have lost my touch.

    Anyway, I am truly thankful to those who are still sticking with me. To new readers and followers, I am truly grateful. Seeing new notifications about new likes, comments and follows really lightens my mood. Although I also feel bad for not posting anything at all *teehee*

    So, what’s the update?

    You see, last night, Damia slept with me. Yeah she is. But only for few hours then her Papa bring her in the room. Hurm. You couldn’t even let me sleep with your daughter huh, Damia’s Papa?

    Also, I’m not watching any dramas anymore because I feel like so much annoyed with the same story line? I don’t know too. About anime… last anime I watched is Satsuriku no Tenshi. I can’t stop listening to Pray (Satsuriku no Tenshi OST) and I think it’ll be my new favorite song by the way.

    So that is it for now. It feels good to let you know that I am still alive, and so does my blog. See you around!