Are You Weird If You Watch Anime ?

As a blogger and a person who’s watching anime whenever I got free time, I always thought about this question in my head.

Let me give an answer. Yes you are. But you are not any different from people who watch popular series like Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and whatnot. And you are not any different from people who watch Malay dramas at 7 pm from Monday to Thursday on TV3.
To be honest, there’s no difference between that and some of my favorite anime. To be clear, word of weird isn’t a negative word.
For me, every single person in this world is weird on it’s own way and that what makes all of us beautiful. You don’t have to enjoy in popular things or you can love it so much, it doesn’t matter at all. Watch and spend your time on things that you like and which makes you happy.

6 responses to “Are You Weird If You Watch Anime ?”

  1. no no no ~ it's not weird! I'm also loved to watch anime huhu T^T
    This is my list of anime

  2. Tak weird pun! Anime banyak yang best! I do watch anime hehe

  3. Cool post! I love it:)

  4. You've been watching a lot of anime (´⊙ω⊙`)

  5. Really? Thanks for dropping by ^o^

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