Less Is More

Let’s me makes it clear. I’m talking about my sidebar, actually. Hehehe. As we can see, there’s only 6 ‘things’ I put on my sidebar, the bio widget, contact, blog archives (works better as drop down menu), blogroll of my peeps (divided into two) and the last one is blogger follower widget. So,  how about it? Yay or nay?

Simple about me / author widget. Done.
Contact me widget. Done 
Blog Archives. Done. 
Bloglist. Done. Maybe I should only have one bloglist, non? 
Follower widget. Done. 
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Want To Be An Amazing Blogger? Here’s How

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Last time, when I was nineteen, I was still a crybaby who studying in Pahang . When there’s was a group assignment, for sure we’ll have to pull together to complete the assignment and that’s time we were doing that group assignment in one of the member’s room then after we were done with the assignment, time to take a break and suddenly, Dayah (one of my friend aka my classmate and my group members) said something about blog and another girl joined Dayah’s conversation about blog.

That’s my first time I’ve heard about blog. And

Buat Duit Dengan Marketplace Tok Syed

Assalamualaikum and hai. Zaman sekarang ni,  semua orang nak tambah pendapatan sampingan masing-masing especially uni students, suri rumah, even yang dah kerja tetap dengan kerajaan dengan swasta pun still rajin cari peluang nak tambah pendapatan diorang. Tak kira buat kuih ke, kek ke, upah buat design blog ke macam-macam lah. So, kali ni saya nak share satu cara yang korang boleh join untuk buat duit iaitu dengan Marketplace Tok Syed.

Marketplace Tok Syed
Marketplace Tok Syed ni adalah satu platform e-dagang (urusan jual beli antara peniaga dan pengguna melalui internet) di mana pengguna dapat peluang untuk buat duit secara online

Year Two

Guess who turned two todayyyy (said to the blog when 1st January). Another year of this blog Erni Hasmiza, of many more to come, In shaa Allah. This post should be published on January 1st of 2018 but I forgot to update and keep it in the draf.

I created this blog on January 1st , the same day with my Abah birthday, as a birthday present for myself although January 1st not even my birthday. And when I turned twenty-three which also means, I’ll turn twenty-four this June. When I was teen, I’ve always thought that twenty-four is just

20 Blogging Facts About Me

1. I started this blog on 1 January 2016 but believe it or not, I already have a blog before but I keep changing my blog URL and the titles and I can’t even remember what my URLs blog and what I’m writing on my old blog before.

2. I loves putting giveaways and segments entries in the blog because I don’t know what to write about to update my blog. But as I can remember, I have a very bad luck when it comes to winning anything when I joined the giveaways.
3. As a blogger who’s write a