Adsense…. Finally.

First Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.  Take a look at my sidebar and footer. Can’t you see it. Hahaha I’m just super excited and can’t hide it. Now, I got fascinated and totally know how another bloggers felt when their Adsense got approved. Thanks and thanks again.

Want To Be An Amazing Blogger? Here’s How

Image source : Pexels Last time, when I was nineteen, I was still a crybaby who studying in Pahang . When there’s was a group assignment, for sure we’ll have to pull together to complete the assignment and that’s time we were doing that group assignment in one of the member’s room then after we were… More

Follow Your Blog Because Of?

Peace be upon you and hi First at all, congratulations for your new domain and Happy Birthday Budak Vanilla ice cream the cutest blogger ever, and also my brother (5th March 2000) There’s some kind of reasons why people loves to follow up and read your blog posts. Some of us love to follow any blogs that… More

4 Tips For Getting Back Into Blogging

This year, I noticed quite a few people from my reading list taking breaks from their blogs. While a week or two off from blogging can be a really remedial thing, I know from my personal experience that getting back into blogging after a break isn’t always so easy.  4 TIPS FOR GETTING BACK INTO… More