Ramadhan Kareem

Alhamdulillah, Allah blessed us. Seriously, Himawari so cute haha. By the way, I hope all of us will have a great Ramadhan this year oh I got that image facebook 😝. Straight to the point,  I don’t have any idea to update my blog.  Jerk I know. Haha.   So selamat berpuasa kepada family, friends […]

My Diary

Hi Long time no see.  Recently, I’ve been trying a new apps from Google Play,  My Diary which is an apps from a movie Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) (my favourite anime 😍.) You guys should watch it ❤ Since this apps still a new ones,  the owner trying the best ever well yeah, […]

9 Fav Etsy Blogger Responsive Templates

It’s weekend baby. So I kept myself exploring beautiful blogger template at Esty and how much I wish I could have all the templates for my blog.  But you know, said easier than done. Absolutely, you need a money to get those templates and some of them are very expensive (RM200++ for a template? 😭😭😭), […]

Birthday Surprise !

Hi First at all, I want to say Happy Birthday Lazada. Lazada have been 5 year old already well and maybe they should get ready for school tomorrow. Oops,  I almost forgot, we’re in school holiday season right now so no school for a week. Yeppy.  I bet children love school holiday more than us, […]