The Miracle Of Being An Aunt

Posted on Sep 16, 2018 in Lifestyle

If you’re enthusiastic about being an aunt / uncle, and cannot wait to see your nieces and nephews after work, or when you see a little cute dress you’ll grab it without wasting any time and joyfully give it to your niece and show her your big smile when she wears it and started said ‘Let it go~~ let it go~~ over and over again. Then I’m sure you’re so happy for yourself because God gives you an ‘aunt’ title. Also a niece / nephew.

I’d happily to say that I still remember the moment my sister found out she’s pregnant, check up, having labor contractions and giving birth to this cute baby girl, Damia. When I being an aunt, I think my life as an aunt and have a niece is rose-colored !


Some of people might think you’ll learn everything about baby when you get your own baby after marriage, but I don’t pay attention to it, because I positive with my outlook. As I can say, I loves be an aunt because at the moment the baby born, I learned how to make baby’s milk, comfort them when they’re crying, bathe them, put on the shirts, also cleans up the poop except breastfeeding cause I’m not the mom ?. Haha.

Be an aunt is an amazing experience and I proud with myself. There’s a lot of things I’ll have to learn day by day but I love learning new things to improve my ability. I know someday I’ll get married, have my own kids but I want my niece to know that my love for her will never change, I’ll never forget that’s time I’ve sleep at hospital with my mother for waiting her and my sister.

Maybe some of you will say, she’s your sister’s daughter, not your daughter, let’s her take care her daughter lah. Now let’s me ask you something.

Can’t I take care my own family, huh?


2 thoughts

  1. I feel your happiness.. Even I myself was obsessed with my nieces and nephews.. :3


  2. rs nyer semua pompuan rs cm tu jg kot?



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