Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream

Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream Review

Posted on Dec 28, 2019 in Beauty, Face


Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream made me wanna try them so hard because of the name itself, Sensitive Skin Cream. Normally, a moisturizer for sensitive skin types will suits all of the skin types, whether it’s normal, combination, oily, acne prone or even dry skin types.

Moisturizer that focus on sensitive skin will not put any harm ingredients in the product because sensitive skin can’t tolerate with some ingredients. So, this Sensitive Skin Cream from Rosken might be good for my skin.

What is this : A moisturizer without any SLS, parabens and fragrance or any harm ingredients. Really suits for any who needs a simple moisturizer in their skincare routine.

Price : RM 22 for twin pack, RM 16 if you buy only one.

Volume : 75 ml

Brand : Rosken

Made in : Australia

Where to purchase : I purchased this cream at Guardian on Shopee

Product description :

Daily Moisturiser for sensitive skin. Formulated for use on sensitive skin, and is free from typical irritants: sodium lauryl sulfates, artificial colours, fragrances, mineral oils, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, triethanolamine and parabens.

Enriched with Soybean oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil all rich in natural antioxidants, Rosken sensitive skin cream improves skin hydration and provides a protective barrier to prevent further moisture loss. A soothing non-greasy formula that absorbs easily into the skin using a combination of rich moisturising ingredients that assist in the prevention and repair of dry sensitive skin, keeping skin feeling moisturised, soft and smooth. 

Good for : Anybody who needs a fast absorb moisturizer, can deal with essential oils in the ingredients. Normal, combination and oily skin types would love this cream.

Key ingredients :

  • glycerine, ethylhexyglycerine – humecant
  • dimethicone, caprylic/ capric triglyceride – occlusives
  • glyceryl stearate, sorbitan stearate – emulsifier
  • cetearyl alcohol – good type of alcohol
  • isopropyl myristate – emollients

Full Ingredients : water (aqua), glycerine, cetearyl alcohol, polysorbate 20, caprylic/ capric triglyceride, isopropyl myristate, glyceryl stearate, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, glycine soja (soybean) oil, sorbitan stearate, cyclopentasiloxane, carbomer, dimethicone, cyclohexasiloxane, ethylhexyglycerine, disodium edta, phenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, sodium hydroxide.

Packaging : This moisturizer come with a tube packaging with a turquoise color of flap lid which is I found it great for travel friendly and also hygienic. There’s also come in bottle with a pump and a jar too but I think a tube packaging is the best between all.

Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream Review

Texture : Though the name is Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream, the texture is not thick as it supposed to be. What I can say from the texture, although it said cream on the packaging, it not thick as another cream. It texture more to lotion-gel texture, so normal, oily and combination skin types would definitely love it.

I can totally tell from using this that this is going to be fun for those who get easily clogged pores / live in hot and humid climates like Malaysia here and those who have oily or combination skin types. But dry skin types will don’t like it as much as normal, oily and combination skin types. They might need interested in Rosken Dry Skin Cream or another heavy texture moisturizer.

Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream Review

Direction of use : Massage into the skin morning and night after showering or whenever skin feels dry

How I use this : I apply this usually in the AM before my sunblock. It goes: Tone – this cream – SPF. In the PM routine : Double cleansing – Tone – this cream. But if I use exfoliate toner, I will use another cream, the heavy texture one.

Fragrance : None – Rosken have purposefully made this for sensitive skins. So, it really, really good moisturizer for anyone who sensitive towards fragrance. (Although I assume that not everybody skin is sensitive with fragrances, maybe just a little of them. But, everything is on your skin reaction)

How long I have been using this : 4-5 weeks. I think I applied it quite a lot included in my midday routine. Right now, I already open the second tube since I bought a twin pack.

The Effects : My skin type is combination with oily on the T-zone and normal on the U-zone. Using this cream made my T-zone area less oily which is a good thing that I notice. I also reapplying this cream after prayer before reapplying sunscreen to make sure my skin looks less oily.

What I like :

  • Easy to spread
  • No irritation during using this cream
  • Affordable
  • Easy to get i.e drugstores Aeon Wellness, Guardian, Watsons
  • No fragrance
  • Fast absorb into the skin

What I don’t like : Nothing so far

Final rating and conclusion :

4/5 stars.

If I want to try moisturizer that suits with my skin type but I don’t want to waste my time or money, I’ll choose this cream. Maybe this Rosken Sensitive Skin Cream don’t have any ingredients for brightening or hydrating, but as long as it makes my oily T-zone looks less oily when I applied it on the face, I don’t have any problems with it.

Would I repurchased? : Yes, whenever I need a budget friendly moisturizer although it’s not hydrating as I expected. It’s cool though to be my go-to moisturizer since it cheap and easy to get at any drugstores including Aeon Wellness.

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