Safi Shayla Supa Smooth Leave On Cream Review

Posted on Jan 25, 2022 in Beauty, Hair

Hi. I’m here not so early, I don’t think I would update my blog as early as I don’t know but the sun is not here yet. It’s quarter past 6 by the way (•‿•). I’m also in my good mood so… before anyone or anything spoil the mood I should write.

First, when my mom wanted to buy groceries at the supermarket, it’s Pantai Timur Hypermarket actually, I decided to menyibuk and followed her and my sis (she also needs to buy stuffs for her kids) and gave excuses like ‘boleh tolong pegang barang or something like that la’ but it’s the truth, that what I did because Umi bought a lot sigh. I need something to buy for myself too, it’s doesn’t matter for my face, hair or stomach then I decided to grab this Safi Shayla Supa Smooth Leave On Cream.

I used to use leave on cream when I was in my secondary school, I tried my cousin’s leave on cream without her permission, sorry sis (-_-;) but that’s my first time I used it. Sometimes I was like why I bothering to buy this thing, but I tell you what? It’s totally worth it. It’s totally worth to spending the money on it, trying it out. Plus, all of us know how good Safi brand is.

As I know, Safi Shayla Supa Smooth Leave On Cream is kinda a new product from Safi (sorry if I wrong)

Safi Shayla Leave On Cream

Where to purchase: You can purchase Safi Shayla Supa Smooth Leave On Cream from Wipro Unzamy Shopee
Price : I bought it only RM6.90
Volume : 120ml
Brand : Safi. For more info about Safi, just click their website,
Made in : Malaysia
Product description :
Good for : Dry and frizzy hair
Direction :
Use it after shampoo and conditioner, do not have to rinse.

Safi Shayla Leave On Cream Review

How I use this product : I use it after my favorite hair serum, Watsons Hair Serum, before finish it with Safi Minyak Zaitun. First, I will use Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Good Virtues Co Healthy Hair and Scalp conditioner. As always, I will double cleanse my scalp with the shampoo by using this simple step :-

Wet my hair first, then I will emulsify my shampoo with water and just shampoo my scalp, rinse and shampoo again and rimse it again. Then I will use my cotton shirt to squeeze the excess water before conditioning it with Good Virtues Co Healthy Hair and Scalp Conditioner.

Fragrance :
Yup the smell of the leave on cream must be the winner of the product. I loves how my smell good with the sweetest fragrance from Safi Shayla Supa Smooth Leave On Cream, umi also ask me about my hair because it’s nice and pleasant smell.

Texture :
This leave on cream have not-thick, kinda filming texture but still easy to spread it on our palm and hair with a white color.

How long I have been using this product :
I used Safi Supa Smooth Leave On Cream almost two weeks after I bought it

What I like
: I love the smells like so much. No kidding. Sometimes I thought about restock it on my shelf because how good its smell.

What I don’t like : Nothing so far. Overall, it’s not only a good but also affordable product to try. So to be honest, there’s nothing I unsatisfied with the product. Everything is good on me so far.

Overall rating and conclusion : First, you need try this product. Add it on your hair care routine and then you will decide whether it’s worth it or not. For me, this is a good product from Safi itself.

There’s more you need to know. There’s two types of leave on cream from Safi, this pink one and the other which is completely comes with different packaging color, orange with the black with different function. The orange ones is for control hair fall while this one is for smooth hair.

I will give 4 of 5 because I wish there’s will be a bigger size (^^)

Would I repurchased : Absolutely yes. I’ll keep repurchase and keeping it on my hair care routine

One thought

  1. Ezza Munira

    November 6, 2022

    leave on cream ni dia meresap ke rambut ke eh? nak tahu telus air ke tak kalau ambil wudhuk



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