Rosken Dry Skin Cream Review

Posted on Oct 11, 2019 in Beauty, Face

Today, I’d like to write a review and share my thoughts about Rosken Dry Skin Cream since this moisturizer also one of my drugstore wishlist. Actually my sister bought it at Guardian for her since she has dry skin types and I was like ‘Ohh she gonna use a moisturizer. Finally…’ because she’s not such … Read More →

Sunplay Skin Aqua Uv Watery Essence SPF50+ Review

Posted on Aug 2, 2019 in Beauty, Face

I’m back with another product review which is a sunscreen. My last review is about a moisturizer lotion from Olay brand, you can read the review Olay Moisturising Lotion Review. I never wrote any specific review of sunscreen before though I’m already used a few bottles of sunscreen like Biore and Aiken (all time favorite … Read More →

Olay Moisturising Lotion Review

Posted on Jul 5, 2019 in Beauty, Face

Olay Moisturising Lotion is my first product I purchased and use from Olay’s brand. I know there a lot of Olay product ranges from 20s to 50s, from oily to dry skin types, from combination to normal skin types. Honestly, to use any of Olay products never crossed my mind before. Whenever I came to … Read More →

Hada Labo Tamagohada Mild Peeling Lotion Review

Posted on Mar 3, 2019 in Beauty, Face

I purchased Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion after read a lot about chemical exfoliate and some beauty guru mention how good is chemical exfoliate compared to physical exfoliate (your regular face scrub). So then, I am, as a person who’s easier to get influenced by the kind of thing, without any further do, purchased this … Read More →

Simple Soothing Facial Toner Review

Posted on Feb 3, 2019 in Beauty, Face

My first skincare review of 2019. It’s almost three months of being using this toner, absolutely perfect time for write a review about it. I wrote Simple Soothing Facial Toner review as soon as I finished it to share with you my experience when I used it. Some say toner is a must-have in your … Read More →

Freeman Facial Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar

Posted on Dec 17, 2018 in Beauty, Face

Freeman Facial Polishing Charcoal & Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub is one of the mask from Freeman, well-known brand in Malaysia. Before this, I also wrote a review about Freeman mask too ( link in bottom of the post, kindly check it out). I randomly purchased this one at Guardian store without reading any reviews … Read More →