Life Lately – Social Media Is Addicting

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For the majority of the day, I admit that I addicted to social media, especially on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

I’d remember the first time my Facebook account was created. My friend helps me by creating one for me using her computer. That’s an exciting moment of my life. I don’t own a computer or laptop. I admit that I hate cyber cafe, so there’s only few times I forced myself to go to cyber cafe just to on my Facebook.

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Oftentimes, after school, I’ll go to my friend’s house just to log in to Facebook to check any notifications I got, my friends updated instead of study for improving my gred on the subjects that I weak on it. My parents and her parents felt worry (more to inconvenience) with my actions and told me to control myself and focused on school.

When I’m not going to her house to on my Facebook, I felt myself getting anxiety over it. It made me feel upset and I was so distracted by it that it took time away from my studying. Until now, if any social media is down, I’ll feel like what I felt before, I took a step back and and thought to myself, this is how addicting social media can be.

I enjoy taking pictures. I love meeting new and inspirational people. It’s exciting! Especially for us introverts. Others love do that too. You take your order and when the food arrived, and yeah you know.

But it can take over your mind, especially when you read something distressing written about you. It’s easy to get bogged down by the number of likes you have on a post or how many people commented on something really special that you wrote and decided to share with the world.

Sometimes I thought what if I’m not created my Facebook account at the first place?

Maybe I could focus on my studies and get a better results. Maybe. Just maybe.

Life Lately – Goals For 2019

Almost a week and I just have time to update my peachy and sweet blog. I’ve never actually written down New Year’s resolution, but I thought writing this personal goals could be a way to keep me accountable. There’s a lot of things I want to accomplish, and 2018 has shown me that one year is a longgggg time to do things. For real. 2018 felt like it lasted about 3 years. So with 2019, I’m certain I can accomplish at least one of these things, right?

  • Growing up I wanted my mid 20s to be like a bird. Free. Hope myself will not give a crap about people who pushing me to think about marriage and built up a little family of mine. Heck, since I was a little kid and teen, I don’t put any specific age to get married. I’m not saying that I’ll never get married. Maybe someday soon. There’s no such a Mr. Right on the earth anyway, in fact I’m not Miss Right myself. Nobody is perfect. Enough with someone who can protect, give advice when I don’t know a lot about worldly affairs, and how seriously he will listen to my concerns.

  • Life seems peachy, but then comes the twists and turns. Last year, I somehow unprosperous to not get in any reading slumps for the first time. This year I hope I’ll not make same mistake again. But I don’t know whether I could make it or not. I hope I can. For your information, I’m not engage in to any reading challenges because that feels like setting myself up to come to nothing. If you love something like reading challenges, Goodreads can help you. But I hope to read at least a book a month. Sound like I’m a little girl but that better than nothing

  • I can’t denies that I hate when it comes to monthly appointment with the doctor. I mean who love hospital? With the smell of the something I couldn’t even explain myself, a lot of people who started grumbling and some of old ladies and gentlemen gossiping about anything that they’re feeling disgusted with government hospital service made me have a simple thought in my mind ‘Why don’t you go to the private hospital which comes with a good service and costs a lot of money?’ Don’t get me wrong. I loves government hospital more than the private ones because I know I can save a lot of money. Despite the fact that I have make sure that my health condition is better than before.

  • Before this, I’m not someone who loves when it comes to take a walk. I don’t remember how many times I was feeling extremely happy when I moved to my grandma’s house which located in front of secondary school, that means I’ll not have to use a lot of energy to go to school. But when I growing up, I thought I really need to get a walk. I realized that when I do this, though just for an ice cream at 7-Eleven, I’m feel better.

  • My activity on a day off is to cuddle up on the bed with a series, scrolling Instagram or Twitter or read a book instead of making plans with friends. I need to change this fact and actually spend my free time with the people in my life, I need to get out of my comfort zone and off my bed because this is no way to live life.

  • When I wrote this personal goals’s post, I never thought about to set my blogging goals as well. Just plain-speaking, I don’t set any specific goals when it comes to blogging. I can’t set how many posts I’ll write in a month, what’s day to post it, what’s types of posts should I write about etc etc etc. I think I just write it down whenever it comes to me, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody feelings,

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year! By the way, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Life Lately – November 2018

December means the last month of the year, my sister birthday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, school holidays,  and so on.

I decided to make a new kind of post on my blog which is called as monthly summary posts. I decided to because I always monthly summary of the best for my blog. So this kind of post start on Monday, rambling about November stories, up and down, what I was watching, where I was going etc etc etc. In fact, that’s my niche in the blogosphere, lifestyle blogger, so monthly summary suits me.

So because of this is my first time writing this kind of post, it’s quite hard for me. Whatever, let’s make it clear, start with what I watched in November.

More like re-watch cause I don’t know what’s new movie I should watch, first May Who. One of my favorite Thailand movie. Funny, awesomeness of the story line, cuteness overload hero (awww). This movie was great and etc etc etc. The ‘Electro-shock-chick’ kind of girl who release an electrical charge when she’s excited.

I’m also re-watch Naked Weapon too. Say hi to Daniel Wu ❤❤❤

Next, my family and I was going to Animation World Exhibition at Kelantan State Museum. Release tension, relaxed and happy for Damia and myself too, because I can snap a tons of pictures and Damia can play with the toys and looking at the Mickey and Minnie Mouse mascot. But unfortunately I can’t believe there’s no Cam & Leon mascots. I know I know I sound like a 5 years old kid, but as a babysitter who always stuck with babies, watching kids shows like Upin Ipin and Cam & Leon (there’s more than that), I think it’s normal for me.

When I scrolled down Dunia Animasi Malaysia I’m truly blessed to by reading the reviews of this exhibition, some wrote a good reviews and other people quite down in the dumps with the exhibition, but it’s hard to please everyone. But overall my family and I was satisfied with the exhibition.

Last but not least, Lawak Kampus. I love Keith even more, day by day. Keep it up Keith, your masterpieces can’t stop me from burst into laughter and joy lah.

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My working life? So far so good. I can’t say there’s no problem at all but we can’t expect that’s there’s always a rainbow. Life is not just rainbows and butterflies after all. Especially when it comes to working life . When it comes to working with the babies , surrounding by the babies crying, laughing, pooping and etc etc. Sometimes when I felt extremely tired, I’ll say to myself ‘there’s more to come, a lot of people out there who have worst situation than you,  so this is nothing at all because people always make mistakes’

So,  how was your November?

The Goodness of Fernleaf UHT Milk That Make It So Delicious (a.k.a. 100% Mmmmm)

At Fernleaf, our cows are at the heart of our dairy farming business and the farmers take care of them very seriously.

In New Zealand, we farm the way nature intended ,with our cows grazing on lush pastures.

As a result, the milk produced is the richest natural food source of bio-available calcium and many other essential nutrients including high quality protein, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Did you know that not all dairy cows are grass-fed?


New Zealand’s fertile soil, excellent rainfall, and abundant sunshine make it one of the best places in the world to produce milk.

It is one of the few countries where dairy cows can graze outdoors, without being confined to cubicles, on high quality fresh grass that gives them the best from nature to produce high quality nutritious milk.

By spending 90% of the time grazing grass freely on sunny days, they receive healthy dose of vitamin D. Hence the cows produce milk with typically higher levels of vitamin D as compared to other dairy cows that are often confined in indoors.

Fernleaf Milk

What’s making it more interesting, with the high quality of grass, cozy climate, clean air and water, those dairy cows produce milk naturally without needing any form of milk booster, nothing better than that.

With over 140 years of experience in dairy farming, I’m sure all of us knew about the dedicated farmers who take pride in their work, ensure the highest quality at every stage of milk production — from clean water, high quality grass and all the way to the finished products.

If you love drinking milk, Fernleaf brand of the milk must be the brand that you need to include in your daily life.

Life Lately – The Miracle Of Being An Aunt

If you’re enthusiastic about being an aunt / uncle, and cannot wait to see your nieces and nephews after work, or when you see a little cute dress you’ll grab it without wasting any time and joyfully give it to your niece and show her your big smile when she wears it and started said ‘Let it go~~ let it go~~ over and over again. Then I’m sure you’re so happy for yourself because God gives you an ‘aunt’ title. Also a niece / nephew.

I’d happily to say that I still remember the moment my sister found out she’s pregnant, check up, having labor contractions and giving birth to this cute baby girl, Damia. When I being an aunt, I think my life as an aunt and have a niece is rose-colored !


Some of people might think you’ll learn everything about baby when you get your own baby after marriage, but I don’t pay attention to it, because I positive with my outlook. As I can say, I loves be an aunt because at the moment the baby born, I learned how to make baby’s milk, comfort them when they’re crying, bathe them, put on the shirts, also cleans up the poop except breastfeeding cause I’m not the mom 😅. Haha.

Be an aunt is an amazing experience and I proud with myself. There’s a lot of things I’ll have to learn day by day but I love learning new things to improve my ability. I know someday I’ll get married, have my own kids but I want my niece to know that my love for her will never change, I’ll never forget that’s time I’ve sleep at hospital with my mother for waiting her and my sister.

Maybe some of you will say, she’s your sister’s daughter, not your daughter, let’s her take care her daughter lah. Now let’s me ask you something.

Can’t I take care my own family, huh?

Life Lately – Update

Peace be upon you and hello, hello lovely readers.
I currently sitting while writing this post, ensconced in the corner of the sofa with a giant mug of tea . Last Wednesday, I was going to the hospital, need to take my medicine and also about my blood test results, I took the test on 31 July by the way and I don’t have any idea and question about it. Guys, if your doctor told you to make a blood test, ask them why.
My brother sent me there, Klinik Kesihatan Pengkalan Chepa, and he didn’t wait for me. Because I told him I will call him when I’m done. At the moment I get off from the motorbike, my eyes were  painful,  and my head feels dizzy. Took a little while for me to get to the doctor, but don’t worry, I can tolerance with it because of the babies  and the kids in the hospital help me to threw away my boredom and fear (You read it right, I live in fear of the doctors and nurses).

If you ask me why I don’t use my phone to kill the time, I don’t feel like it, I I don’t feel like my time will burn out by scrolling down the Twitter or play Candy Crush. When it my turn to see the doctor, I went to the room which is there’s a cute doctor in there. I felt better after when she don’t mind me late for the appointment cause I supposed to be there on 27th but due to the unavoidable things, 29th is only my chance.
She asked me about my epilepsy condition, whether I have any seizure in a month, before this appointment, do I took my medicine as directed by the doctor, and so on. I answered her questions as well as I can then she open up a topic about my body temperature and blood test. I told her I’m good, forgot to tell her about my painful eyes and headache because I excited about my blood test result.


Now let’s talk about the blood test result. The doctor told me that due to the blood test, I have a hyperthyroidism. Or the other name is overactive thyroid, a condition in which your thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. And my ‘hyperthyroidism’ level is quite high or in other word, abnormal; 50. She asked me if any of my relatives have hyperthyroidism, I answered I don’t have any idea. And I continue there’s no one in my family has this hyperthyroidism as I know lah. And she told me the hyperthyroidism symptoms, how to handle with it, what I could do, bla bla bla.

Mix feelings

It is quite shocking new and I feel sad and angry at the same time, first because I already have epilepsy and now thyroid which is mean I have to get an another medicine.

People might say if I eat a lot of food but my body weight is still consistent, I might be lucky enough, there’s no luck because one of the symptom of hyperthyroidism is weight loss, no matter how much I eat, there’s no change in my body. I also got it why everytime I tried to take a picture or flatlay for my blog, my hand is always shaking that is make the photos looks horrible.

Nervousness and irregular and rapid heart beat also hyperthyroidism symptoms, that’s made I think ‘no wonder’ because I always felt nervous and over thinking about simple things.

I wish I could be free from this disease and have a great life with the family. If any of you have hyperthyroidism, I bet you know how I feel. If any of you who have this hyperthyroidism and have any tips on how to handle it, please let me know by leaving a comment below ⬇