Coffee Label Terms for Coffeholic

Posted on Apr 12, 2020 in Lifestyle

When it comes to coffee, you probably think that one bag of beans is the same as the next, that filters all work equally, and that labels don’t really matter. But when it comes to coffee, it turns out that labels do matter and that you can get more out of your dose of caffeine if you learn a little bit more about what you’re buying.

Coffee, of course has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Once explorers started to navigate the globe, they discovered coffee in tropical areas such as Java, and began bringing it home with them. That has helped to fuel a love of coffee: The average drinker consumes about three cups a day, and about one-third of that consumption is first brewed at home.

So as you prepare that coffee, what should you pay attention to on the labels to get what you want? This graphic explains it more for you.

Coffee Label Terms
Coffee Label Terms
Coffee Label Terms

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