10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me
For you, whether this is your first time read my blog, accidentally stepped in to this blog, or if you’re someone who’s enthusiast to my blog, I’m sure you’ve read a lot on my blog and maybe some of you don’t know me well enough so I’ll make things clear by this post. 
1. Left-handed woman. When I was in kindergarten and primary school, I thought I’m weird because I write using my left hand. Actually that’s not such a weirdo. Allah S.W.T gave you hands right and left, so use it for the best. 
2. I love to clean. When things are clean, I feel peace but if things aren’t clean, I’m going explode. Cleansing my house also can be an exercise for me. I’m gonna get my body shape and my house is clean enough. 
3. My name is not Mija but Erni Hasmiza. My family, Abah, Umi, my siblings including my brother-in-law and some close cousins called me Along. My relatives and friends called me Erni. I decided to used Mija because I think it’s easy to spell and mention. there’s one more, I can’t pronounce anything with Z perfectly.
4. Read for pleasure. I loves reading. I read a lot of stuff like blogs, online short stories, social media posts, and hearty novels ect but I rarely get fascinated with the news and poetry. 
5. I loves watching anime. From thriller to romance and funny. Yes I am. The anime I’ve watched can’t even compare to any otaku because I only watched a little bit of it. I’m not an otaku but I am an anime lover. I watch anime whenever I want. Not interested in Malay’s drama by the way. 
6. Messy side braid. I’m really bad at doing hair, really. My hair is always in a ponytail or bun or simple braid. More like loose side braid because of the steps to get those messy side braid is so easy. You can do it without any help from mirror. If it looks marvellous, it’s because somebody else did it for me. Arigatou gozaimasu!! 
7. My eyelashes curly naturally. I’m love and hate it at the same time (I apologise to those who hate me because of I’m saying that!) Yeah I know you must be thinking about ‘Oh girl please be grateful for anything you have because not everyone can have it’. First, I don’t need to spend money on eyelashes curler but  I can’t apply eyeliner correctly with this natural eyelashes. Hurm. Ungrateful person alert!! 
8. I love sling bags and stylish canvas bags. Because of the simple design, yet affordable price because I’m such a  cheapskates. 
9. Rather buy books then makeup. Because I simply thought I can go out without put any makeup on my face. Hell no because I’ll be shameless borrow my Umi or my sister makeup stuff. If you’re read any beauty stuff reviews on this blog, that’s because I bought it because had a deep thought about there products.
10.I remember clothes. There’s one thing that I have a sharp memory for: outfits. I remember any outfits my friends and family. I accidentally told them ‘Eh you’ve already wore this outfit last Tuesday bla bla‘ then this thing sure made my  friends and family feel uncomfortable with me.

There you have it! Happy reading!

Mouth Ulcer, Regretful & Miss This Blog

I think it’s a long time no any update on this blog and honestly I felt uncomfortable and upset with myself being an immature person who’s fail to organize my time with my readers and everyone in between. But I have a solid reason why I haven’t posted anything for a while. 
First let’s start with my mouth. Few days ago, like almost a week, I woke up with hazy and I just couldn’t remember what I’m doing after having seizures again. My mouth feels horrible and I can’t eat like I eat before. It’s hurting… And I keep asking myself why my mouth hurt. Then I’m standing in front of my wardrobe mirror, opened my mouth widely and there’s you go, the mouth ulcer on the mouth on the left side of the cheek and to be honest, it’s quite a lot, not one or two. Lot and hurt. I thought they’re because I’m biting my mouth the left side of the cheek when I having seizures and lucky me because of my head banging on wooden flooring not on ceramics. The result is there’s swelling on my left cheek.  The lesson is don’t forget to take the medicine as required by your doctor. 
I also cut off my hair. It’s quite a long time I don’t cut my hair so why not heh? At the moment I’ve arrived at the hair salon, step into the salon and smile to the owner, sitting on the chair while waiting for my turn, when the hair stylist done with her previous customer, she turned and looked at me, she asked “Adik mau potong rambut?”, I nodded and sat on the front of the mirror with confidence.  And now I regret it. Where those confidence before? I think I don’t have any different with the others girls. Decided to let my hair go and then regret it. Urgh. The most I hate is Husna. #JanganBenciCintaku yeah I’m watching Akasia 7:30 pm drama right now hehe.


My Favourite Youtube Channels (Update)

I watched a lot of YouTube. So do my family absolutely including Damia, my cute cheeky niece. Who doesn’t nowadays, right? I started watching YouTube since I got my Netbook 1Malaysia back then and watched a lot of videos until I enrolled for diploma. Then, my classmates, the girls were obsessed with the K-pop and K-drama  and I overblown with their interest in myself. I watched a ton of K-pop videos, idolized them and holler in front of laptop screen how hot they are. That was the shameful moment in my life.
Cut it out, here are my favorite YouTube channels right now.
First, I found her on YouTube on the random video then I subscribe her channel cause I felt impressed with her makeup tutorials. From natural makeup to smokey eyes, from skincare routine to anything else you just name it. By the way, this Irish beauty blogger and vlogger also has her first ever book, TheMakeupChair Handbook.
Oh Neelofa’s younger sister,  Athisha Khan. She actually a blogger and now vlogger too.  I adore her writing style  and her videos. As  for me,  she is beauty with the brain ( I don’t know why I said this but I think she’s more better than Ameera) I’m jealous with her. Beautiful, rich, wisely, have such a big happy family and sweet boyfriend, Haikal. Now tell me why I shouldn’t be jealous on her T_T.
Nothing films ending are better than this one. I subscribed them. Oh yeah they’re makes a great animated parody alternate endings to major motion pictures which is makes them farcical.
Raon Lee
As an anime lover, I know I can’t stop myself from browsing through YouTube my favorite anime’s songs which is leads to her. I think this Korean girl has a great voice and her passion impressed me.
Pony Makeup
Who doesn’t like to watching and trying Korean makeup style from a Korean makeup artist. I loves her voice when she explained about makeup, she speaks in Korean and makes English subtitle and makes us understand more about makeup without any crap. Her YouTube channel : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCT-_4GqC-yLY1xtTHhwY0hA
Tina Yong
I loves ‘Tina Tries It’ and recently I watched she trying Maybelline X Gigi Hadid Collection which is makes me wanna try out those collection really hard.
So there’s only YouTube channels that I have subscribed for now. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of YouTube channels will be coming on this blog and I’ll full of guts to share with you guys. So, what are you favorite YouTube channels?

Gifts for Him

When it’s come to give a gift for your beloved ones, typically a gift from him to you. A gift from a guy to the girl. Whenever you watching any films or dramas, it’s just it’s just display of the part when a guy struggling with the present. Typical. Sure, in any films or movies, maybe they’d have a scene of the gift-giving from a girl to the boy who has important part in her life but, there’s not much. So, that’ll make more girls confused about it. What’s I should get for him for his birthday? An expensive shoes? Or maybe on romantic dinner at French restaurant? Yeah I know it’s a tough decision to make, and costs of a lot of money.
So, there’s gift ideas for men from Printcious to make it easier for you, my dear confused and complicated girls. You don’t have to hunt for perfect gift for your beloved ones from any of gift shop and caused a lot of hurt of your own foot. An incredible gift doesn’t mean you need to purchase a costly ones, enough with the affordable price and have it own sentimental value will be enough. 
Gifts for Him
Printcious offered a good products and service, which is come with affordable price and give you a lot of choice of gifts with an amazing quality. It’s not easily to get great quality products these days, you know. Other than that, they’re also give a chance to you to create your own design  on any products you want. So, pick up the product, brainstorming your design, place your order and waiting the stuff arriving at your home while watching any shows or something like that. Simple.


Gifts for Him


Gifts for Him


Gifts for Him


Gifts for Him


From T-shirt to puzzles (sorry I don’t put puzzle images here), cute mugs and also mouse pad with all super cute design Printcious have it all, pssst don’t forget about creating your own beauty design, more and more. Come to think about it, this is just a simple task, there are nothing crazy complicated than us, women. Men are total vice versa. Complicated vs Simple, didn’t you get it. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Take ten and let’s think less, if your man is someone who  working in front of computer, give him a mouse pad and put some creative design for him, and give it to him, sure he’ll love you even more. He’s must be thinking about you and yours sweet moment with him, I know guys are so different from us, they’d never give any face expression for any reason, unlike us. But that is how they’re doing. Maybe that’s simple gift will be de-stress him without you even realizing it.

Purchase some kind of goods through Internet without reading the review of the products from reviewers totally impossible. Almost all people who need to buy something or addicted with online shopping will read the reviews before purchasing the product to make sure that you are not deceived. Printcious received a good reviews about any of their products and their good service which is boosts my confidence level in the their goods and services. 

Gifts for Him
Gifts for Him


If you are looking for door gifts idea for guests, color mug, or button badges, don’t forget to contact them. Or if you have any upcoming birthday party and would like to impress your guest, birthday photobooth is your best entertainment.

Last but not least, for your information, Printcious is also available in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Philippines & Taiwan.  

Life Lately – A Cup of Coffee

Frankly speaking, I started drinking coffee since I was a little girl. When I mentioned coffee, it doesn’t mean coffee from Starbucks or another coffeehouses with RM8 per cup  but it’s only an average coffee powder with low-priced and you can find it at grocery store nearby.
Thanks to my late grandmother, she made me know what to drink when I got exasperated, nettled and pleasing. She also made me thinking of coffee whenever it comes to witching hour, have a cup of hot coffee while watching P. Ramlee films, listen to her stories about her past especially when it comes to war, hang around with her at any moment she does her work and prattling. Thinking back to my late grandmother who relieved not only my heart but also my childhood memories made me come with this post.
Notwithstanding I got a cup of coffee from any coffee shop I visited, it’s totally different from my first ones, they’re like night and day. Regardless the price or taste, or the amount of sugar or cream, it’s definitely not the same one.

Life Lately – Me & Malaysia GE14

Proudly say that I’m officially done with polling day for GE14. My feeling when I set my foot in the classroom is upside down because this is my first time I’ve been voting for GE, so if you’re like me, first time or if you’re remembered your first time polling experience for GE I’m sure you’ll know my feeling.

I asked Umi a lot of questions regarding the GE and she’s answer my questions one by one patiently. The traffic jam, people, these are really testing my patience but thinking about it, it’s only for today and then the next five years later so I kept thinking positive thoughts. New experience. GE14 is my new experience and I have to. This is my commitment, responsibility as Malaysian.

The sad part is the polling station. Mine is Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki while Umi (as she thought, SMKTM) I’m just jealous because of I thought that I’ll be voting at the same place  as Umi but noooo. Why Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki why why why? I hoping for not far off from my house as I can cross the road, vote and go home. But the real thing is, I have to go to MML, with the holy crap traffic jam. Sigh. But it’s doesn’t matter anymore. I’m done with the GE14 and I’m hoping for the best to our country. Ameen.

Scrolling down Instagram aaannnddd a lot of photos of finger with ink. Also, this is my 100th post! So interesting to continue .