Three Bookish Things Book Tag

Three Bookish Things Book Tag

Posted on Jul 1, 2020 in Book

Salam and greetings to all. Welcome back to my blog, how are you doing? I really wanted to write something related to the book (not only book review) but I don’t have any idea what is. But I stumbled across this amazing Three Bookish Things Book Tag by one of books blogger, Lixie from Reading in the Wings. I don’t know who started this book tag, but I want to say thanks for creating this kind of book tag. I loves reading, so this post obviously suit with me.

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Three Read Once and Loved Authors

  • Hlovate : Shall I come with any explanation? Once I read Tunas and Rooftop Rant, I love Hlovate although he/she is anonymous writer and I know nothing about him/her. Enough by reading the books, I know how unique this writer is. Some people can’t put an interested with his/her writing style, but surprisingly, I can. Thank goodness.
  • Nurul Syahida : Purchased and read Aku Kan Novelis literally a turning point into my bookish life. I got to know an amazing writer who not write a book about a cliche love story. Plus with a laid back storyline and dialogue, I totally enjoyed my time while reading her book.
  • Teme Abdullah : A lot of people around me recommend Teme Abdullah’s book. But before I ‘met’ Pelukis Jalanan, I discovered his blog first. Teme always leave a good impression through his posts on his blog, so do with his books. I’m really proud of him. How he’s amazing can c

Three Titles I’ve Watched But Haven’t Read

  • Chandelier : I read this Chandelier book review and its story line’s quite different from the drama. But I know both of them sure be great.
  • Narnia : Hi Peter, are you there? I love Narnia. I love Peter so much. I love the siblings but Susan really turn me off. I love the 1st and 2nd movies, I’m not watch the 3rd movie and I don’t know when I will watch it. But to be honest, I want read the books like so much because reading the book itself is more satisfying than watching the movies.
  • Princess Diaries : I still remember the part of the first film when the stylist’s brush broken because of Mia’s hair and when she tried to act like a princess. I know Princess Diaries is based on book, but I think watching the movie alone is good for me, so far. Unless if you keep persuade me how good the books are. But the second movie really don’t get my attention, I only love the first one ヘ(^_^)ヘ

Three Characters You Love

  • Roul from Aku Kan Novelis! & Aku Keliru : I knew Roul from Aku Kan Novelis and the only things that makes I love Roul even more is red hair color, his passion towards art and of course how he prefer called Safiah, his girlfriend as ‘Lulu’ and himself ‘Gua’ (stand for lu and gua) which is makes it not only sweet but cool.
  • Trisy from Rooftop Rant : Honestly, I’d never read any books which the protagonist is having a depression and broken family. I don’t have depression, my relationship with my family is the best ever and I’m not from a rich family, I am nothing like her but I still like her. Trisy is rather a sweet damsel in distress character. No matter how miserable her life is, she’s still show appreciation for people who’s caring for her, like Jade, Buk Jah, her Pak Su and Irah.
  • Houtarou from Hyouka / Classic Literature Club Series : Because I love how laid back he is. But no matter how lazy he is, he still does the chores, homeworks and needs to give the answers to all Chitanda Eru’s curiosity. I loves how he looks and the way he treats others but I really hope he can confess to Chitanda Eru how much he likes her. Houtarou has an interest in reading and has never seen laughing but he’s a clever guy who enable to find a solution to mysteries if he gives enough thought.

Three Series Binged

I will not answer this because I’m not so into series so much. But reading the series sure be good. I’m eyeing the Tombiruo and Laksamanan Sunan Series by Ramlee Awang Murshid right now. If you have any suggestions of any good series, feel free to leave a comment below.

Three Current Favourite Book Covers

  • Anthem from Hlovate : Anthem cover literally a desk with a note pads with a motivation words on the cork board, a red rose, a headphone. On the cork board, there’s also Taj Mahal’s photo, violin and trombone photos to shows Dash enthusiast with music. While those motivation words on the note pads is to show what she learned when she trying to change to a new, better Dash.
  • Katerer Cinta by Nurul Syahida : I can’t lie to myself how much I love cake. I know how skeptical of this, but a caterer life story, before and after she’s a caterer really match with the cover. I don’t know how the illustrator got an idea to pair the tiered white wedding cake with a pinkish background color and there are some purplish color too. Simple but beautiful. The most beautiful cover from Nurul Syahida’s book, I must say.
  • Aku Keliru by Nurul Syahida : I don’t know how to describe this book’s cover but I love the colorful one and how it’s look like a painting (at least, through my eyes) and there’s Roul, without his red hair color. If you read Aku Keliru, Roul’s hair already black because he’s trying harder to change to be better for Safi, Zara and himself. Yes, the white shirt guy who stand in the cover definitely Roul.

Three Goals for the Year

  • Finished my To-Be-Read list – I’m not have a ton of TBR, but whether there’s only not even ten books, I’d feel bad and guilty for the books, my money I had spent on the books and my bookshelf too. Sometimes, I imagine my bookshelf crying and shouting at me like a crazy woman ‘WHY YOU BEING REALLY RUDE TO ME BY BOUGHT ALL THESE BOOKS, PUT THEM HERE BUT YOU DON’T EVER BOTHER TO READ THEM??!!’ Hmm need to read them or this guilty feeling will stuck with me forever.
  • Avoid books with a heavy plot twist – When I started reading novel, especially lovey dicey ones, there’s always comes with heavy plot twist. Sometimes though, in real life, there no such so heavy plot twist, unlike the books and I admit that makes me feel tired. Plus right now, I really need a rest for my mental health. Nothing much help me while reading a book with such a no-good plot twist (some of them are weird and ridiculous). But when I find a book with a really great plot twist, nothing can’t stop me from reading it over and over.
  • Being more relaxed while reading – While ago, I always rushing to finish a book and sometimes I forced myself to finished it as fast as I can. As a result, I don’t understand a thing about what I read. So, now I take my time to finish any book I read without forced myself very hard.

I shall tag three blogger now :

And you guys who read this post and interested to join this three bookish things book tag, you’re welcome to. And to the bloggers I tagged, it’s up to yourself whether to join or not, there’s no obligation to do this because me myself, do it for fun. Because blogging should be fun, right?

See you next time.


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