Deleted My Instagram Account & How I Feel

Posted on Jun 12, 2021 in Lifestyle

I deleted my Instagram account. I can’t even explain to myself about how I can do it. I bet all of us already know how much addicted when it comes to Instagram. But I realized that I am too tired to endure my own addiction. For real.

At the moment I scrolled down Instagram and swipe for Instagram stories, after one by one. I stopped. And then without thinking of anything, I opened up Google Chrome and search ‘how to permanently delete instagram account’. Not deactivated for a two weeks or a month or a few months, but permanently, forever and ever. For good, I wish. I did and follow as what I read on and proudly tweeted about it as soon as I finished it. With a peace emoji.

I love this. Must be honest, I’m not exactly enjoyed using Instagram as much as Twitter or Blog. I’m not good enough when it come to selfie or taking a good food picture. In fact I don’t remember the last time I posted a picture on my account or post a story.

Deleted My Instagram Account
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I said I permanently delete my account, but I myself not sure if someday I’ll miss my school friends update or maybe my favorite influencers life update and decide to create a new ones but for right now, I don’t give any care about that.

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Before this, I always keep in mind that I will post the best pictures of the food on the table on IG, but things always change. At the first moment, I keep doing it, but then I just let it be. When the waitress put my food at the table, I’ll eat it without hesitation to take a photos of the food.

Also, my followers on IG not so much, so I’m not that sad. But of course I can’t denied the difference after I deleted and uninstalled the app from my phone. No more colorful IG icon, not more wake up in the morning and scroll down Instagram feed, but it is much better now.


7 thoughts

  1. Saya belum ada keberanian lagi nak delet sebab banyak guna untuk tujuan marketing


  2. Everyone has their own opinion about Instagram. I really love your honesty. Because for me, instagram is useful for my business and I can get some tips from expert who always share about parenting and motherhood hacks.


  3. Shida Rahmat

    February 24, 2022

    sayang2 akaun ig. Lau terlupa pasword mmg gelabah .. tak sanggup utk hilang ig nih ?


  4. Sejak berkahwin sy jarang dah main ig.. Mungkin dah bahagia suami d’sisi haha,, ig platform utk posting tazkirah saja


  5. IG is for my side hustle ja la biasanya.
    Kalau nak post pun, who cares kena ambil gambar cantik, ekekeke.
    Nak ambil gambar makanan sblm makan, I never care about it – selalu terus makan sahaja moreover I am not a foodie influencer.
    Hope it is good for u to have a peace in mind after deleted ur account. I am thinking to do the same but still hesitate since ada job kena guna IG.


  6. Om tak pernah lagi delete ig, yg ade banyak buat akaun heheheh


  7. Pernah deactive ig, tapi sementara lepas tu aktifkan balik. Atul banyak ig, tapi dah bagi anak, hehe Sayang nak delete walaupun taknak guna dah ig tu



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