Social Media Is Addicting

Posted on Mar 11, 2019 in Lifestyle

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For the majority of the day, I admit that I addicted to social media, especially on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

I’d remember the first time my Facebook account was created. My friend helps me by creating one for me using her computer. That’s an exciting moment of my life. I don’t own a computer or laptop. I admit that I hate cyber cafe, so there’s only few times I forced myself to go to cyber cafe just to on my Facebook.

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Oftentimes, after school, I’ll go to my friend’s house just to log in to Facebook to check any notifications I got, my friends updated instead of study for improving my gred on the subjects that I weak on it. My parents and her parents felt worry (more to inconvenience) with my actions and told me to control myself and focused on school.

When I’m not going to her house to on my Facebook, I felt myself getting anxiety over it. It made me feel upset and I was so distracted by it that it took time away from my studying. Until now, if any social media is down, I’ll feel like what I felt before, I took a step back and and thought to myself, this is how addicting social media can be.

I enjoy taking pictures. I love meeting new and inspirational people. It’s exciting! Especially for us introverts. Others love do that too. You take your order and when the food arrived, and yeah you know.

But it can take over your mind, especially when you read something distressing written about you. It’s easy to get bogged down by the number of likes you have on a post or how many people commented on something really special that you wrote and decided to share with the world.

Sometimes I thought what if I’m not created my Facebook account at the first place?

Maybe I could focus on my studies and get a better results. Maybe. Just maybe.

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