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Wednesday Wishlist #2 – Books I Want to Read This Year

Posted on Feb 2, 2020 in Book

First, I revert all my book reviews posts back to draft to re-write it because I think there’s a lot of flaws in those posts. I enjoy reading others book reviews on their blogs and just enjoy the moment to read the all of them as much as I can because I know how hard it is to write it. Writing a review is not an easy task. ‘Okay, now what?’, that’s always in my head v_v like literally hate it. I wish I just can smoothly writing without any hardship.

This year I will read 50 books. This is not me. If I said this, I’m sure a ghost take over my body. Haha. For real guys. I just a person who buy something if I really need it, something that really worth it. If I want to read any of books, I will make sure whether it really worth it by read any review on the net. Now you know how hard to write a review to make sure others can make a good choice in their life without waste any of penny, whether it comes to books, cosmetics and any films/movies. Kudos to every bloggers who put the any of greatness reviews together and never ever underestimate the power of review (⌒o⌒)

Below are some of the books I want to read this year (when I typing this, there two cats have been fighting outside and it’s sounds creepy, yeah I hate it so much, so scary)

Uncle Bos Mama by Nurul Syahida

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Letters to GodRough DiamondDear God by Norhafsah Hamid

Signature Jalanan by Teme Abdullah

The Weight of Our Sky by Hanna Alkaf

And maybe some of books from another authors. I don’t mind. But Haruki Murakami’s books sound great.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Dr. Seuss

To be honest, I always adores a book with a good, simple but catchy title and I wish the story is as good as the title is. I never read any books from Norhafsah Hamid but I really want to, in shaa Allah. I don’t remember where I knew about her books, maybe from blogger who wrote a review of those books, since then I fascinated with the title and the cover of the books. And feel free to add her on Facebook >> <<

I already read three of Siri Jalanan Collection by Teme Abdullah which is Pelukis Jalanan, Arkitek Jalanan and Impian Jalanan and I’ll try my best to write a review of those books. Kudos he is a blogger like me but what makes his different from mine is the content. As you know how good his books are, so do his blog. I envy him. I am. I’m not jealous of how many comments he got on his posts but how good his posts are. As a blogger, I believe in writing a good contents thats bring benefits to others shows how good they are.


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  2. wowww seriouslah nak baca sampai 50 buah buku? Hebat lah! Kalau akak sampai ke hujung tahun baru 3 buah hahaha


  3. I love reading too, but in condition the book must be super interesting! ngeehehe or else I might put it down.
    Btw, Good luck on your goals! ^_^


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