Dr Chong Clinic, An Aesthetic Clinic for Getting Skin Treatment

Dr Chong Clinic Aesthetic Kuala Lumpur

All of us got the same problem, whether it hormonal acne, acne scar and so on. Some skincare products might be able to help and some might not. That’s why we need to seek help from dermatologist, who knows better than us on how to treat our skin problems. One of the best skin clinic, Dr. Chong Clinic can solve all those with their treatment.

When it comes to treatment for any skin problem, there’s more you need to know before seeking help with your skin issues. For example, whether it’s has hidden charge of the services, how good the doctor and staff, if theirs treatments is worth with the price tag and so on. Dr Chong Clinic not only known for their aesthetic environment and how friendly the staff but also comes with affordable price of the laser services compared to other places.

Dr Chong Clinic Aesthetic Kuala Lumpur

Meanwhile, let’s not forget about the location as well because location of the clinic also a number-one priority for you if you want to try the services of the clinic. Dr. Chong Clinic located in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bahru and Negeri Sembilan across Malaysia. As I know, they will opening more branches sooner 。◕‿◕。 but if you wanna know they are already have five branches at Kuala Lumpur! Definitely a good news for people who live in Kuala Lumpur and cries out for treatment of any skin conditions

Furthermore, this aesthetic clinic not only treats acne and scar problem, but more skin treatment services that you would love to try. For example, wrinkles problem, eyebag and skin brightening. But more importantly, they’re also offer hair removal (I would love to try this one sooner) fungal infection, tattoo removal (if you want to remove your tattoo, just do it here) and of course to clear your skin from varicose veins or more knows as spider veins. Thanks God because I don’t like spider veins.

Dr Chong Clinic Aesthetic Kuala Lumpur

If you’re sceptical about the services of Dr. Chong Clinic, you just need to go to their website and Facebook and read the review of their customers about their services. As the results, Dr Chong Clinic win few awards including SMEs Best Brand Award 2018-2019 and Star Outstanding Business Award 2019 of Outstanding Achievement 2019.

Even more importantly, 100 percent of the teams at Dr Chong Clinic are certified medical doctors and passionate onto aesthetic and dermatology. Not only that, they’re also concerned about patients skin, hair and body conditions and trying their best to bring back their patients confident level.

If you’re having skin conditions and need treatment from Dr Chong Clinic, you can book an appointment via Whatsapp. Good thing is, you can book a free consultation regarding your skin conditions by your preferred date, time and which branch of Dr Chong Clinic you want to on their website.

Last but not least, if you got skin treatment from this most known aesthetic clinic with affordable price, feel free to leave your review on their social media, share your experience of the services and staff and also before and after results (a few pictures will be better).

14 responses to “Dr Chong Clinic, An Aesthetic Clinic for Getting Skin Treatment”

  1. yeah,for those who is having skin problems should seek treatment from certified medical doctors

  2. Mesti best tu dapat buat skin treatment. Kasi lagi cun kulit?

  3. Boleh dipertimbangkan utk buat rawatan ni … tu pun jika mmg dah xde jalan penyelasain ikut kata doc

    1. Hah, anyone with skin problem and need treatment, visit the right clinic and meet the right specialist.
      Jangan main ambil servis murah atau pakai produk timbang kilo.
      Get the right treatment ok.

  4. kalau masalah kulit ni, selalu eczema la kena pada saya. sampai suami komplen, dia first time tahu penyakit ni lepas kahwin dengan saya. hehe. tq share Mija

    1. Kalau untuk masalah psoriasis pun boleh ke… Terasa nak cuba juga tanya-tanya kat klinik ni

  5. menarik dapat buat treatment untuk muka dekat sini… sy pun kalau ada peluang nak pergi buat rawatan

  6. Best tu boleh buat treatment eyebag.. lagi-lagi sejak asyik dekat phone. Dah lain macam lingkaran mata ni.. hihi

  7. Lama dh tak manjakan kulit muka ni, tona muka dh tak sekata dek kerana sunburn

  8. Lama tak gi treatment kat klinik tp Klinik Dr Chong ni memang famous ni cuma kat kawasan umah kte ada klinik Ko je jadi selalu kesana la

  9. Bestnya kalau buat treatment kulit. Rasa fresh je kulit. Barulah rasa comey lote

  10. Nice sharing…
    Kalau ada masalah kulit memang patut buat rawatan dari pergi makan suplemen yang belum tentu berkesan kan.

  11. I heard about Dr Chong Clinic before.. I believe because they’re the trusted one too..

  12. tenang dan rasa seronok tgk klinik ni bersih dan cantik

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