July 2021 Wrap-up

Posted on Aug 2, 2021 in Lifestyle

July is over and now it already August, then without we realize it 2021 will be over. I don’t know how to describe this feeling but yeah, I miss everything we can do and go to everywhere we want without worry about the virus. I really miss that moments.

On July, I only managed to read six books so far, as for 2021 I didn’t set any goal how much or film I want to read and watch.




My blogwalking for July is more better compared to June and May, so I quite proud with myself when I accomplished my one of my to-do list which is blogwalking every two or three times a week. It’s quite hard but sometimes it’s not so hard unless when I got distracted by the notification I got from Telegram and Twitter. Here some post from my blogger friends that you might interest to read :



I only back out on the road just to see my beloved aunt for her birthday. I know it literally useless to wish Happy Birthday to her on Facebook because she not a young lady anymore to scrolling down social media all the time like us. All the things she does is sewing, watch any TV shows that she find interesting to watch, complaining about Covid-19 that getting out of the control. Lucky her because she already got her vaccine.

Then I took a decision to purchased a two and three stuff from Watsons. I thought about to purchase some books from bookstore but then, I decided to purchase it thru online because you know, how long it takes to choose what’s books I want to read. Although some people said its just one or two books, so I don’t need to think much of it and then take some time whether to purchase it or not. Hello.. for your information, it’ll take forever when it comes to choose a book to purchase whether it would be worth it or not.


Nothing make me feel excited compared to the new one-shot from the creator of Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto. You can read the new one-shot, titled Look Back on Viz for free.

And let’s me share something good with you. For the whole July, I made a challenge there’s no carbonated drinks for me. Believe it or not, for the whole month I accomplished this challenge which is quite hard to follow. I need to set up a reminder every evening like every single day just to remind myself ‘NO CARBONATED DRINKS FOR TODAY, MY LOVE’ (euww love haha) . It so random and unexpected life challenge I ever made, so

That challenge is not for weight loss, but more for fun and to see how much I can endure it. Because, if you know me in real life, you will know how unhealthy my lifestyle is. So, let’s just consider this as a small step I took to get a healthy lifestyle. I need to pray that I can do this to for August and September and October and November and December. Hehe.



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