How I Spend My Leisure Time Alone

Posted on Jul 27, 2021 in Lifestyle

Free time is something that everybody wants. No, to be exact, it is what everybody needs. For a lot of people, free time is the only time they get to spend with their family and friends. For others, it is the time where they can scroll down their social media or watch some TV shows on Netflix

Moreover, some people can become so busy in life they don’t have time for free time, which may seem impossible to some.   Furthermore, most people set aside a time where they are free to do whatever it is they enjoy doing.

I, on the other hand, love and enjoy free time the most; I spend my free time doing things that make me happy. Absolutely alone. Because it is definitely called me time for a valid reason. There’s three ways I spend my free time alone which is reading, playing games, and shopping.

To be honest, I do not belong to a religious type of family. But I’m trying my best to improve myself. I recite the Holy Quran with translation in my leisure time which makes me a strong believer of Allah.

I read books and novels, some in Malay language and some in English language so I can improve my vocabulary, which is mostly fiction. I tried to read a non-fiction book, but I don’t think I could make it. I also read comics and manga. I read a lot of manga, for real. Lately, I challenge myself to read poetry. Back in school, I’m not so into poetry because I thought poetry was only for the jiwang type of person. If you are curious what jiwang means, please read it here. But now I read it and realized how much good poetry is, like Pillow Thoughts, Yesterday I Was The Moon, and I See You Like A Flower.

Next, playing games. I loved playing games from when I was a kid till now. More importantly, those classic games that can bring back my childhood memories. Compared to modern games, like video games or streaming games which can be quite bad for you when you are addicted to it and also stressful, those old favorite games are not so addictive but still enjoyable.

Gladly, I came across the website, a site which contains a lot of good games I can play from my browser. There’s also got the classic games with a new design but still hold those nostalgic memories, like Tetra Blocks, a Tetris-inspired game. If you ask me what the difference between Tetra and Tetris is, there’s only one thing that makes it different, Tetra is more colourful compared to Tetris and I love the colorful ones even more.

There’s also Pac-Rat, your oldie Pac-Man but in the new version. The Yellow Pac-Man which is the new version, Pac-Rat of course there are rat and cheese. When I’m playing this, I can’t control myself and was like, ‘oh my god oh my god I’m dead meat I’m dead meat’, and then realized oh I’m still like this, nothing changes hahahaha. So, I’m so thankful for for creating this super fun stuff for me and others.

Of course there’s more fun games you can enjoy and play with yourself or maybe with your kids. Like Break the Worm, which there’s Adventure Time characters in it, they are cute.

Tetra Blocks

Before the whole pandemic happened, I loved going to fill my free time by shopping. From bookstores, drugstores and clothes stores, from one to another one, I love doing this so much. To be honest, I can spend an hour or maybe more in a bookstore or drugstore without realizing it.

Sometimes, I was like, okay let’s just eye on those things in the store or just purchase one or two stuff only, but the rest is history. I got four and more things, especially when it was time to buy one free one. I lost control during my leisure time when it comes to shopping. More importantly, it felt good after that.

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10 thoughts

  1. i love playing games online too! i’m sooo gonna check out x

    erin |


  2. sama jugak.. suka baca quran.. suka baca buku.. suka main game.. haha.. tambah satu lagi suka tengok netflix.. hehehe.. tapi main game memang ralit tau..


  3. Masa free suka belajar masak,, dgar tazkirah dan catat nota, blogging dan tgok anime hahaha


  4. bestnya. bila sibuk berbisnes ni, dengan urus rumah tangga lagi, rasa macam dah hilang leisure time. nak kene take a break, find my own leisure time and pampered myself sometimes.

    or maybe spending time with the kids is my leisure time? hehe



      February 24, 2022

      Masa lapang jugak boleh disii dengan zikir .. ambil satu masa yg boleh fokus berzikir ..


    2. tu best juga main.
      Kak pip sesekali melayan.
      Kalau free time, suka kemas rumah.
      Mmg dari dulu spesis suka bersihkan rumah.
      Kalau tak, layan baca buku.
      Lagi best spend time deep sleep, hehe.


  5. menarik boleh isi masa lapang dengan main game berfaedah macam nih… Mak-mak suka main nih hehehe


  6. Kalau ada waktu lapang tu kak net suka duduk depan tv layan netflix rancangan kemas kemas rumah hahahaha..


  7. Macam sama je cara kita habiskan masa bersendirian… Tapi bila dah kahwin ada anak ni, me time tu sangat berherga… Cuma bab main game selalunya layan dengan anak-anak lah… nak main sorang-sorang memang payah la…


  8. Menarikk. Sejak dah masuk biz ni dah lama tak buat semua ni. Rutin setiap hari edit video, edit poster, dengar podcast haha. Hurmm rasanya lepas ni Aya perlu cuba! XD



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