Self-Respect With Lanafira

Posted on Sep 16, 2017 in Lifestyle

If you ask me to dress up, my favorite ones of course long dresses, maxi skirt, abayas and so on. Including wide leg pants. For sure. Because as a Muslim woman, full-coverage clothes will be better for us. If you wish to earn the respect of others, you best bet is to respect yourself first. For me, my self-respect means my clothing, how I dressing for my body,  my comfortable.

Remember, dressing is not all about cover up your body with any clothing, but how do you want to feel better with yourself when you get a new clothes which is start with your religion, Islam. Fusing trends with faith, you should have in your mind, Lanafira. I knows some of my readers have a busy life as a housewife or student or kinda-in-office-job twenty four hours and have a lack of sleep life, prefer to buy something new (especially new clothes)  thru online no matter how much tired us. So do me. Facebook, Instagram and website will help us, don’t worry.
Founded in 2017, if you can see and wish to buy and upgrade your closet with the new and colorful long, loose, simple and comfortable Muslimah dresses from Lanafira, please make yourself feel better by drop by at :
Their website :
Their facebook page :
Tell me people, how much do you love free stuff? Because Lanafira will help us to improve our style with latest fashion tips with their free E-book.

2 thoughts

  1. i do not know much about lady's dress even though i hv bought quite a number of them as present. what i had in mind when buying was mu friends look modestly bu dressing modestly in order to prevent intrusion from the outside, undesirable things from happening. to protect what is inside. sorry, it seems lucah but is the truth.

    *to protect tu bukan tembok. u know what i meant.


  2. You was right Adam, by the way tak lucah pun ayat Adam hahaha. 'Bought quite a number of them as present' boleh belikan untuk saya sekali tak ? ?



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