Biore Cleansing Oil Make Up Remover Review

Posted on Feb 2, 2020 in Beauty, Face

Hi. Yesterday I went to Watsons and repurchased my holy grail cleansing oil, which Biore Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover.

Product Info? : Effectively dissolves and removes stubborn makeup residues quickly to prevent excessive rubbing around delicate eye areas. Its advanced Japan formulation which can be used on wet face, thus allowing optimum cleansing even if used while in-shower.

Purchase Biore Cleansing Oil Make Up Remover

Ingredients : Mineral Oil, PEG-12 Laurate, Isododecane, Isopropyl Palmitate, Water, Polyglyceryl-2 Isostearate, Decyl Glucoside, Polysorbate 85, Glyceryl Oleate, Isostearic Acid,Isostearyl Glyceryl Ether, Myristyl Alcohol, Isostearyl Glyceryl Pentaerythrityl Ether, Alcohol, BHT, Fragrance, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

Biore Cleansing Oil

My Review and Rating

5/5 – So yeah, Biore Cleansing Oil actually my first purchase of cleansing oils back on 2017 when I first learned about double cleansing method. It comes with 150ml for RM24, of course you can get a cheaper price if any drugstores make a weekend or monthly sales, I got mine RM20. After few days I went back to the drugstore and guess what? They sell it at RM17 each, maybe I should survey of the product through the drugstore website before making a purchase T.T

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When I purchased this cleansing oil for the first time back then, there’s slightly different but the new one is better. Look simple than before but in a good way. Biore use a pump packaging which is good for cleansing oil, with purplish flat plastic container, makes it look beautiful.

This cleansing oil has fragrance but my skin can adapt to fragrance since it does not stay on the skin, some people might can’t stand with fragrance and prefer to the unscented one, but I’m glad my skin not that annoying. I’m not into fragrance that much, just so so, not so strong scent so I’m good to go.

This one use mineral oil as you can see on the ingredients list, so my concern, if your skin can’t tolerate with mineral oil, this cleansing oil definitely not for you. But my skin has a good relationship with mineral oil. Not tiny bumps, no redness and so on unless I’m not cleanse my face well or over exfoliate.

Note : It says it suits with all skin types but beware if your skin sensitive to the alcohol, fragrance and mineral oil.

The best cleansing oil or balm when it can emulsify very well on the skin. Biore cleansing oil really did the job. Through it hardly to spread on the face, but it’s emulsifier ingredients did different things. Everything has a pros and cons. Hiks.

What I like :

  • Affordable
  • Easy to get, like Guardian or Watsons
  • The fragrance is so good
  • Washes off the SPF
  • A pump packaging is bae

What don’t like :

  • Hard to spread on the skin
  • Need to use a lot if you wears makeup

Hope my review can help you guys out.



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