Drugstore Haul 2018

Posted on Nov 12, 2018 in Beauty

Hi everyone. Today will be my first haul post, pardon me if there are any deficiencies in the post. Apologies for the lack of posts as I’ve just overwhelmed with blogging slump and work.

BUT those things that can lead to stress can go away with – SHOPPING. It is not a kind of heavy spending shopping but those mini quickies during lunch or after work, which is no longer than 15 minutes! Cool enough. Plus spaghetti bolognese and chicken chop and chicken popcorn!

Guardian Watsons Haul 2018

In fact, I’m not kind of people that will make quick move when listen about sale. Whenever I go to the drugstore, I just don’t care whether some stuff was offers with a great deals or not cause I focused with things I’m gonna buy only. If those things on sale, maybe because of luck. Heh.

1. Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel 150ml (RM17.63)

I run out my cleanser then I decided to grab this one because first, I’d never use any skincare from Simple brand yet and I think it will be a good start by using the cleanser. Second, because this cleanser is the gel type and low pH cleanser which is I read from Kak Iman blog that low pH cleanser will not make damage our skin barrier.

About low pH cleanser : Low pH cleanser  & 5 Low pH Cleanser Under RM30

2. Simple Soothing Facial Toner 200ml (RM15.95)

I noticed people has been raving about this product which made me curios to try it out. Without waste any time, I went and grab this, and with hopeful of this afforable and with fragrance free will be nice for me!

3. Silkygirl No-Sebum Mineral Powder (RM 19.44)

Silkygirl. One of my favourite local products. I don’t remember from where I listen about loose powder. Maybe when I keep googling about oily skin type and how to endure with it. One of the solutions for this skin type is loose powder over the pressed powder. Because loose powder leaves the skin with soft glow.

I actually want to give a try on Revlon New Complexion Loose Powder but Revlon price tag not cooperating with me, so I continue to choose another brand –> Silkygirl. So I take it like ‘time to support our local brand, girl’

4. Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte 03 Natural (RM 26.40)

I’m a huge Maybelline brand. From RM65.50, I got this Bb Cushion  for RM26 only from Watsons Lazada (Silkygirl too) Proudly say that I succeeded in making my sister jealous with me by purchased this Bb Cushion *evil laugh*

5. Aiken Tea Tree Oil Moisturiser (RM10.48)

I only used Aiken products when in breakout phase because of the effect of used stupid local product but I’d never use Aiken moisturiser because of Guardian worker told me the cleanser, toner and pimple cream will be good enough. Less is more. Will use it as day cream due it light texture cream by the way

6. Crystal Moist Hydra Ion+ Moisturising Face Cream (RM32.97)

Alright, there’s 50 discount on this brand at Guardian. At first I want to try the basic hydrating set which is cleanser. toner and moisturizer, the gel and cream thought about to use the gel type as day moisturizer and the cream one as night moisturizer but sadly there’s no gel type. Maybe it out of stock and I do not cross the mind to ask the worker. That’s when I went to Simple section and grab the gel cleanser and toner. I’ll use as my night cream due to it thick texture than Aiken.

7. Guardian Cooton Facial Squares Buy 3 Free 1 (RM9.88)

Bought this on RM9.88 ONLY. I gave to my Umi one and for my sister and I keep two box with me 😛

That’s all I have for you guys today! Have you guys tried any of these products? Let me know in the comment section. 😀



7 thoughts

  1. Cik puan ena

    November 14, 2018

    Drugstore memang favourite places ena. Memang akan survey watson n guardian sekaligus. So bandingkan mane murah terus grab. Hehe.. 2 2 ada kelebihan. Tak rugi pon.


  2. Azhafizah

    November 15, 2018

    Wahh..banyak membeli tu. Kalau pergi watsons or guardian memang ada je nak dibelinya kan. Lagi lagi kalau tgh sale.


  3. ibu 'Aisyah

    November 16, 2018

    bestnye. teringat zaman muda. skrg habis masa kat kedai baby la pulak. hihi


  4. Kalau pergi Watsons, memang ada jela barang nak beli walau pada asalnya nak tengok-tengok je. Hihi.

    Lama tak singgah sini. Blog dah berubah ?


  5. byk jg ya membelinya?


  6. azahrahaman

    November 30, 2018

    kalau pergi ke sana tak sah tak membeli kan. sama macam eco rm2.12 gak. macam ada saka. haha


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    January 23, 2019

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