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May 2022 Wrap-up

Posted on Jun 1, 2022 in Lifestyle

Hi. June, my birthday month is here yet I will tell you about my May life story. Everytime new month is here, the excitement and hype is super real. We will excited to plan our TBR for the next month, books that waiting on the shelf to get finished, trying a new recipes, try and buy something new that’s we always for for the past month.

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I love blog. I love reading any types of blog entries like review or thoughts. Read the comments make my heart beat faster but that so fun.

But I also eyeing any beautiful blog designs like a lot but then I realized, content over the design. No matter how beautiful your blog is,but if your content sucks, the beautiful design can’t hide it. So, if you want a beautiful blog, focus on the content more.

Thats what I always said to myself. Like every single day.


  • I went to Syarikat Muda Osman Bookstore because I to get myself Will You Stay and Time to Heal, both from Norhafsah Hamid but I couldn’t find Time to Heal so I just grab Lawak Kampus because I’m dissatisfied but yeah at least reading Lawak Kampus made me laugh a lot. My stomach hurts.
  • Guess what? I read Colleen Hoover’s book, Reminders of Him. I just doing same thing I always do, scrolling down Shopee and Carousell to find something I can spend some money on, and I got Reminders of Him. Shame on me. Because I always told myself I would never read Colleen Hoover’s book.
  • For this month, June, I think I will got some books from Big Bad Wolf on Shopee plus find some secondhand books LOL. This woman need to save money.

Favourite posts of May 2022

In our life, there’s must be something that we’re sucks at it. Like me, I’m totally lost when it comes to the commenting. Maybe we need a time machine to go back to the past. When I started blogging, I always make sure to leave a comment and said to myself ‘notice me please notice my existence of the blogging world’. I would shamelessly to comment on Lyssa Faizureen’ Blog, Iman Abdul Rahim , Namee Roslan, Irine Nadia and Cik Epal and leave blog’s link woohhoooo.

Whatever. I may not leave any of comments, but hey I will make sure to blogwalking and silently read the posts because heroes not always wearing a cap. Now let’s continue with my beloved bloggers and what entries I read on their blog during May B-)

  • Erin @ littlesipsoftea share her thoughts on buying and renting properties and of course, her minimalist desk tour. Love her desk, but if it on me, it’ll last only in a few minutes because my brother and niece will mess it up.
  • Irine @ share with us her holiday trip with her family at Legoland, looks so much fun. I don’t know when I will get there but some day, I will.
  • Nurul @ siinurul not forget to share her thoughts about blogging especially before and after marriage. I never thought about the relationship status, from single to husband or wife can give effects to the blogging but I wish Nurul can keep blogging because her blog entries help me a lot and her writing style is fun to read and easy to understand.
  • Nonasani @ share about dinner with Seafood Bowl Marrybrown and it’s looks delicious because seafood is my favorite food. Honestly, I never get a chance to try Marrybrown but maybe I should. Marrybrown at Mydin Mall Tunjong looks so good, maybe I will go there.
  • Suraya @ thesuraya share her happiness of being a winner of some blogs giveaway and got her prizes and I’m so happy for her. I give up about blogs giveaways, not because I never been one of the winners but the excitement of being one of the participants in blogs giveaway is not there anymore. But I wish all good and all the best for all bloggers who participants in any of blogs giveaway or blogs contest.
  • Khairil Hassan @ Aerillhassan share a horror story about Sam and Hafiz who plays hide and seek and ‘something’ who joined them. He also write a food review of Rumah Makanan Pak Long, the patience to waiting for the food well, I don’t think I can be like him. But the photos of the food, his family and the restaurant, what a good job.
  • Jannah @ The Wonderful Jannah share her simple but easy to make breakfast. In her entry, I agreed with a lot of Pantai Timur (Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan) people who tends to have a heavy breakfast like nasi kerabu and fried rice. Jannah mostly shares simple recipes and her review of food. She’s one of my favorite food bloggers.
  • Farhana @ Farhana Jafri got a chance to went to Raya Open House CTDK Holdings T.T of course she got a chance to meet Dato K and Dato Siti Nurhaliza and of course there’s some actors and actresses including my favorite, Amyra Rosli with her husband, Amar Baharin and their son. Nangis kat bucu katil je la kita.


  • May so far, is good for me. I got a chance to try a new shoes, go to the new beach with the family, trying kuey teow ladna at the new restaurant near my house.
  • The most important thing is when my doctor said my hyperthyroid condition is impressive and I just need to take 2 instead of 4 tablets, so happy for myself (^^). I tried Coolblog new drink, Triple Coffee Biscoff Cheese as a self reward because I tried hard to ask the doctor about my condition, regarding to the emotion and my anger issues when people like to ask questions at one time.
  • Back to the Coolblog Triple Coffee Biscoff Cheese, I tell you it’s really worth it. I chose Triple Coffee because of the most simplest valid reason, I love coffee. Don’t worry, there’s also have another ones, like Lattecino Biscoff Cheese and Choctiramisu Biscoff Cheese. Coolblog really an underrated brand but with affordable price tag.
  • Oh, last one. I got myself a long sleeve waffle shirt from Padini, the pink color because it’s just random. But maybe I shouldn’t bought pink, I should get another color hmm.

This is my May Wrap-up, how was your May?



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