October 2020 Wrap-up

Posted on Oct 31, 2020 in Lifestyle

Hello everyone, and welcome back to this unpredictable when to update blog. Hiks. With the coronavirus cases here and there, really turn me off. I tried my best to not go out if there are no important things to do. But I am grateful that there no reported case(s) of Covid-19 around my place.

I kept scrolling down Twitter to see any interesting threads I can read to killing time and a Twitter user just make a thread about blouse on Shopee. Then I scrolled and add to cart any blouse and shirts I’m interested but I become myself, I don’t know when to check them out ?

Not forget to mention about Jujutsu Kaisen. I’m not read the manga but I guess the anime really caught my eye. A lot of people (from Facebook anime group, Quora, Reddit etc) talked about how much good the manga is. While what makes me interested in the anime is Gojō Satoru. Sorry, Yuji, you’re great main character but your teacher win my heart XD.

When I scrolled down YouTube and searching any anime trailer, this anime trailer alone attractive enough for me. Googling about the anime brings me to the Satoru Gojo. My first thought is ‘why this Gojo guy is wearing blindfold?’. Watching him makes me realize that how I felt about Kakashi, Sesshomaru and another cool white hair characters.

Jujutsu Kaisen

I also bought two books which is Tales from The Cafe by Toshikazu Kawaguchi and Budak Meja Belakang by Shah Ibrahim from Book Heaven on Carousell. Tales from The Cafe is sequel to the Before The Coffee Gets Cold. Because of Before The Coffee Gets Cold really hit, I really wanted to read the sequel so bad. And I got it. Thinking about buy only a book will make me feel meh.. I added one more book, from the same seller but cheaper than the other one. And I decided to bought Budak Meja Belakang.

Why I decided to bought Budak Meja Belakang? First and foremost, I am myself a budak meja belakang during my school life. I only being a good student once when I was form four by sat at the front row. Ugh. So good student I told you T_T. Second, I never read any of Shah Ibrahim’s books before, so I guess it’s time to him and myself a chance to discover another Malay writer. The last one, obviously I never read any of non-fiction book. As I thought that non-fiction books will make me feel bored, so I never buy or read any. I wish this book will cherish every moment when I read it soon.


About any movies or films or any TV shows, I’m only re-watch Mukhsin and Santau Maut. Because I miss to watch Sharifah Aryana and Syafie Naswip on screen together. Both of them are good together in movies, their chemistry on screen, the feelings when I’m watching them together is the same feeling I felt when I watched Sharifah Amani and Bront Paralae. Not lying about it.

Ada Yang Ngikut. When Astro Citra screened this movie for the first time, I have no courage to watch it although that time I’m with my family. It’s not because of ghost but more to the bullies problem in the movie itself. For the God sake, I’m more scared of the bullies cases than ghost. Later, I’m trying to brave and watch it again. By myself. During nighttime, of course, after I’m done with my dinner and skincare routine.

Ada Yang Ngikut is a movie work by Wan Alauddin Bin Wan Zainuddin starring a very I-never-see-him-on-the-screen-before Chubb-E as Imran. Imran is a boy who’s found drowned in a water tank. His death was discovered by a student of the uni when he’s brushing his teeth but the water has a weird smell and taste and almost made him vomit. Then the movie play the flashback of Imran’s life before he died by two boys who bullied him. Through the information about Imran told by the boys who bullied him, we know that something wrong with Imran because he always alone and kept being bullied by the two boys. There only Imran’s roommate who trying his best to protect him, Jamal.

Then, I watched some recipes videos. But pumpkin pudding recipe by Kimono Mom’s Kitchen looking delicious. You know when you are looking at something and how delicious it is by just looking at it, you should make it and eat. But I never eat pumpkin before, so I really curious about the taste. Do you guys ever eat pumpkin before. How delicious it is?


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  1. jujutsu kaisen looks so good! tak baca manga jugak but my friend cakap best (plus animation dia cantik and handsome hehe). And I’m planning to buy Before the coffee gets cold!



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