How Was Your Weekend?

Hi.How was your weekend? Attending any wedding ceremonies? Window shopping with yourself? Or whatnot. Honestly, I’ll never attend to any wedding ceremonies on rainy day, I’m just not into that. If on sunny days, not bad at all.  I’m not kinda have a great weekend actually because of the cloudy and rainy here, I decided […]

Me & Thursday

Hi I’m trying to re-update my blog posts with the cold weather, it’s not that cold outside, I’m just turned on my fan with listening to Fireworks – Daoko and pretend to be in the cold weather and wearing my long-sleeved shirt.  I keep thinking about an image to put on this post and laptop-and-cup-of-coffee […]

December 2017

Hi December is the twelfth and last month of the year. I know. So, it’s school break already and Christmas will soon be here, and also my sister’s birthday. I don’t know why I’m typing this post right now, but I know I have to update my blog before 2017 leaving me, you and us. […]